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I need your help… January 21, 2013

stock-footage-hd-i-businessman-man-doing-yoga-on-a-beach-at-sunriseA short back story…

In fall 2010, I started doing daily practice of hatha yoga.  Armed with “Yoga for Dummies”, a mat, and a few years of meditation practice, I set out to get my body into better physical shape, and see what spiritual applications this practice could have in my life.  After a couple weeks of experimentation, I came to find that my favorite time to yoga was first thing in the morning, shortly after sunrise.  I engaged this practice with enthusiasm and joy.  In 2011, one of my friends went into yoga teacher training.  On a couple occasions, he led me through a series, and the experience was most enjoyable since I was able to “let go” and be more “meditative”.  Yoga practice was becoming a tool in my spiritual growth, and my soon coming spiritual awakening.  In fall of 2011, after finally acknowledging the importance of a teacher, I experimented with yoga classes.  I tried several different types, finding that I enjoyed Yin/Restorative and Kundalini, and that “hot” and intensive “flow” classes are definitely NOT my style.  I did learn how much I love yoga when it is done in a way that is harmonious with who I am.

I decided at this point that I wanted to be a yoga teacher.  Some of the teachers were amazing, and some didn’t quite tickle my fancy.  I felt that my energy leading a class would be exactly what those seeking more of a meditative/spiritual experience would enjoy.  After talking with my friend who was doing training, following his advice and my own research, I settled on the styles that I want to train in, and found schools to facilitate my learning.

Last summer, I attended a weekend workshop at the main school I wanted to do training at, and I fell in love with Kripalu Yoga, the school, and the city/community the school is located in.  Kripalu is EVERYTHING my higher self told me it would be and more.  I promptly upon returning home sent in my application and deposit.  A week and half later, I received an email saying that I’d been accepted for the fall 200-hr intensive.  So, I started saving my money.  When the fall session came about, I did not have enough saved up to pay for the training, so I changed my slot to the spring 2013 session.  For Christmas, my brother gave me 20% of what I needed as a gift, getting me much closer.  However, my financial situation did not stay as abundant as I had planned, which brings this story to current date.

The Situation…

My financial situation has me in a place where I can make ends me, yet no more.  So, I am turning to you, my beloved readers for help.  Sometimes you just have to let go, and ask for help.  So last night, I asked God, the masters, the angels, and my higher self for help, and I was guided to put out a call to the wonderful people who read this blog.  Please, help me realize a dream, that will begin the snowball that turns my life into everything I dream of and more.  Below is “Donation” button that makes it easy to donate money to my paypal so that I can make this happen.  I feel like I am truly ready, and this spring 2013 is the best time for me to plant the seeds of my future.

Whether you can donate or not, Please help me by reblogging this so it may reach the greatest amount of people possible.

OmManiPadmeHumThank you 1000x for your generosity.

Namaste.  🙂


Tata to 2012… Thanks for all the Fish. :-) December 31, 2012


Well, its been quite a year.  Going out with way more than I went in with, and I’m indescribably grateful for it all.

Highlights include, yet certainly not limited to:

  • The amazing energies anchored into Gaia’s systems/bodies, and the progress made towards raising of humanity’s consciousness level and Earth’s dimensional alignment within the cosmos and all creation.  From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to all who have done their part in the name of Love and Light. 🙂
  • The strengthening and healing of the relationships that are so near and dear to me.  This would include the months I’ve spent living on my brother’s couch and getting to know the “adult” him much better, as well as improved relations with my mother, and my first family Giftmas gathering since 2005.
  • Having plenty of yummy food to eat at all times (this was an issue the second half of last year)
  • Hitting and surpassing the one year “clean and sober” mark
  • My attending of my first educational yoga retreat
  • Taking a month of online training in music production in Ableton with one of my favorite producers, Vespers
  • Attending Bear Creek Music Festival with my brother and best friend, and having an AMAZING time. (Despite the temp the first 2 nights being in the 30’s)  Got to see Umphrey’s McGee 2x, PGroove 2x, Lotus, The Bright Light Social Hour, and lots of new bands that were AWESOME!  Plus, we wore suits at a festival in the woods, which was Legendary. 🙂
  • Starting and writing in this blog (even though 70-80% of it was just reblogs), knowing that it spread information, ideas, feelings, love, and light to many, as well as the wonderful blogs I found along the way that did the same for me.
  • The concerts I attended – Lotus in March, The Bright Light Social Hour in May, Owl City in September, and Perpetual Groove (x2) in Nov/Dec
  • Getting the job I had for most of the year so quickly upon moving here
  • Winning $30 on scratch-off tickets the last 2 days, to go out with some extra cash and good feeling.

I’m so grateful for all this and everything else that has happened during this marvelous year.  Every smile I’ve seen, every musical note I’ve heard, every positive word I’ve read… its all be fantastic.  To top it off, next year will be even better!!!

Love and Light to you all!


Life is Amazing. :-) June 16, 2012

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I popped onto the net today after an amazing Astanga yoga class.  I know I said I’d be gone till after the New Moon and Solstice, yet I felt led to come check.  I’m glad I did.  Check out the re-blogged meditation in the previous post. 🙂

LIFE IS AMAZING, and indescribable BEAUTIFUL.  So are each and everyone one of you that reads my blog, and every life form out there.  Go out and experience something that bring you joy and wonderment, in some way in the next few days.  Yoga, reading, meditation… all have been wonderful and refreshing.  My body, mind, heart, and spirit feel light, fluffy, and full of radiant energy.

I have deep unconditional love for each and everyone one of you.  Many thanks and unfathomable love to Ganesh, Lakshmi, Thoth, Isis, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Jesus, St. Germaine, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Metatron, Mahatma, Melkizedek, Gabrielle, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael… and all other Masters and Angels who guide, heal, help, and protect me… and each and every one of us.  Earth, and LIFE, are truly blessings that are beyond words.



Unpluggin’ for a couple weeks… June 3, 2012

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In honor of LIFE, LOVE, the lunar eclipse, the Venus transit, the Summer Solstice, and the 2nd New moon in Gemini…

I’m going to…

  • take a couple weeks off… from the computer, the internet, and several other societal/unnecessary modern things…
  • eat 90% raw, only cooking tofu and sweet potatoes if I eat them.
  • focus on meditation, yoga, reading, writing, and music.  (oh yea… i’m a musician.)
  • be out in the world, interacting with people, spreading love, higher conscious vibrations, and smiles.
  • celebrate the great energetic time of eclipses, transit, and solstice.


So, everyone enjoy the next couple weeks to the fullest.  Live life in a state of love and gratitude for Gaia, existence, and everything wonderful in between.  I will return for the Solstice, or somewhere shortly there after. 🙂