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Info on the lunar eclipse on Monday (morning), June 4th June 2, 2012

Information about the partial lunar eclipse
on Monday, 4th June 2012

(only visible in the area of the Pacific Ocean)

Easily explained
During a lunar eclipse, the moon moves through the shadow of the Earth. Which means, that the Earth is positioned quite exactly between the Sun and Moon and casts its shadow onto the Moon. This is only possible at full moon and if some other requirements are met. Depending on whether the Moon passes the partial or the core shadow of the Earth, we speak of a partial or total lunar eclipse.

The copper-coloured moon
When the Moon touches the shadow of the Earth, the respective areas of the Moon’s surface begin to darken and then start to change colour to copper red. For this lunar eclipse, this will be approx. 37 % of the Moon’s surface. The section that will not be covered by the shadow remains bright.

About the visibility
This partial lunar eclipse will only be visible in countries around the Pacific Ocean, like East Asia, Australia, Hawaii or the West Coast of North America. It can’t be seen in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and neither in major parts of America.

• Europe: not visible
• Africa: not visible
• Middle East: not visible
• Asia: only visible in eastern countries
• Australia: visible
• America: only visible on the West Coast

The exact moment of the partial lunar eclipse in Universal Time is:
Monday, 4th Juni 2012, 11:03:13 am (UTC)


The exact moment of the partial lunar eclipse in Los Angeles is:
Monday, 4th Juni 2012, 04:03:13 am (PDT)

Here is the exact process with times:
• Moon rise: Sunday, 08:36 pm (PDT)
• Beginning of the partial eclipse: Monday, 02:59 am (PDT)
• Maximum of the partial eclipse: Monday, 04:03 am (PDT)
• Full moon: Monday, 04:11 am (PDT)
• Beginning of dawn: Monday, 04:37 am (PDT)
• End of the partial eclipse: Monday, 05:07 am (PDT)
• Moon set: Monday, 05:53 am (PDT)