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Own Your Power! February 12, 2013

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10-10 Stargate (T- 9 days) October 1, 2012

On this most auspicious occasion of Light,
a stargate of Light is opening through the dimensions of Light,
through this quadrant of the galaxy,
and through this Solar system and onto Earth,
basking all Life in the Divine Illumination of the Tenth Ray of Divinity,
the perfect balance of Power, Love and Wisdom,
also known as the three-fold flame of Divinity.

Though this Divine Dispensation and sacred Pearlescent three-fold flame,
all Life has the opportunity of transformation, through balance and equilibrium,
as this tenth ray of Divinity unlocks the Akashic Records,
and allows the knowledge of Humanity’s Highest Potential through the Hall of Records to be revealed.

In this Divine activity of Light,
twelve etheric crystal skulls and a thirteenth holographic crystal skull holding all these frequencies of Light,
will be activated within and around this earth plane,
allowing access to the Akashic Records,
And with this, the Highest Potential of all Light workers on this earth plane,
taking you into the memories of Self Mastery,
primarily from Lemuria, Atlantis and ancient Egypt,
and in this Now, bringing through these Ascended Master gifts,
through the imprinting at a deeper level of the I AM Presence,
and these etheric crystal skulls of Light.


Music is essential… September 14, 2012

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“Education through music is therefore the best, because rhythm and harmony penetrate into the innermost depths of the soul, and give it grace and decency.”


Constructive Tones – The Power of Music – READ THIS!!!


Focus more on your own transformation of self and less on the mayhem surrounding you. – Michael channeled by Ron Head July 22, 2012

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You are rapidly approaching the time known as The Lion’s Gate.  Once again the energy flowing to and through you is about to be raised to another level.  By now, those who follow these messages know that we will advise you to open yourselves fully to whatever this brings to each of you.

Because you are becoming accustomed to these stair step-like increases, you are assimilating them with more ease.  This will be a large change, but it should not cause you undue discomfort.  The increases are necessary in order to prepare you for what lies ahead.  We can say, however, that you who have chosen to make this journey awake and aware are handling it very well indeed.  Were we to advise anything further at this time, it would be for you to focus more on your own transformation of self and less on the mayhem surrounding you.

You know that all must change.  You know that there will be many efforts made to distract you.  Give no attention to these beyond sending love and healing to those adversely affected.  They are fallen comrades in the fray.  They shall be honored for all they have chosen to experience.  Surround them in light and carry on, that their loss shall not have been in vain.

Those who are striking out blindly now in their attempts to avert the inevitable victory of the Divine Will are discovering that fewer and fewer of you are being fooled by their repeated patterns of conscienceless carnage.  Their past criminal behavior is being exposed for what it is.  They are finding it impossible to hide.  Those behind whom they have always been able to remain hidden are turning against them.  When you have lived forever solely in self-interest, you will now find that you have no allies that you can trust.

Those who have always seemed, at least to themselves, to have no power at all are beginning to sense the immense power that they truly possess.  Now you will begin to see the new world of humanity begin to rise from the old.  Very little more exposure of the corrupt will be necessary to tip the balance.  Denial will no longer be possible.

Meanwhile, as those who are able to best carry these things out continue to press on, it is important for you to maintain your single-minded determination to clear all the negativity from your lives.  Whatever arises for you to deal with at this time is merely one last chance for you to prove to yourselves that you have indeed learned what you have come to learn.  Thank it for the lessons and allow it to move on.  You will soon find yourselves beyond the reach of these things.  In fact you may marvel that they could have affected you at all.

Your new world approaches now.  Where there were lies and subterfuge, there will be openness and truth.  Where there was lack, plenty.  Where there was sorrow, joy.  Where there was hate, love.  And you shall know, my dearest brothers and sisters, that all of this shall have been done by you.  When that has become the obvious truth, there shall be much, much help and healing made available to you.  Your beautiful world, which takes your breath away even now, will bloom as it has not for many thousands of years.

During these next few weeks, you will feel us about you if you try.  Do not be shy in asking for our help if you should need it.  We are here in each of your moments for that purpose.  Nothing delights us more than your communication with us.  We love you as family.  Soon we will speak again.  Good day.

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Enjoy the ride and help each other as much as possible – channeled by Ron Head July 10, 2012

ImageWe are the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Jophiel, and Gabriel.  We are speaking through Michael at this time to bring a special message of hope and joy.  We ask that you remember and hold this message in your hearts during the immediate times to come.

We have told you that the light frequencies reaching you would become stronger and stronger.  We have now reached the point where that should be becoming obvious to you.  We have told you that the information coming to light around you would reach a crescendo.  You must certainly see that beginning, as well.  There is currently an apparent conflict in some areas about what is occurring and will occur.  This is only an apparent conflict due to a lack of information and understanding.  We regret that it is not possible to resolve all of these issues for you while your security is still an issue.  We ask that you not allow these minor concerns to fragment the awesome unity you have been building.

Continue to seek out areas of shared interest and cooperation.  Continue to hold to your dreams for a world of freedom, abundance, and opportunity.  Continue to connect daily to the light, love, and power of your Source.  This connection will carry you through.  Do not waver now at this last moment.  You will find that daily effort to forge this bond will begin to make it easier and easier to recognize.  It will soon become instant with your intent and then grow from instant to constant.  This is one of the signs of what you are calling ascension.

You are on that path now, and there will be events along the way, but understand that the path has no finish line until you are once again united with your Creator.  That, dear friends, will not happen for a long, long time.  Except that it already is.

So now that you know that, enjoy the ride and help each other as much as possible along the way.  There is much approaching that will be shocking and unsettling to the majority.  There is more that will be a source of infinite joy.  Your task will be to find that joy and share it with any who ask for it.  As you feel the light, love, power, force, frequency, buzz, pain discomfort, bliss, joy build within you in these next days, remember what you have learned in the build-up about aligning and allowing.

The benefit of what is happening to you will not be long in coming now.  It is possible for us to help you if you need it.  Ask and we will help you assimilate these changes in the best way for you.  You need but ask.  Watch now as your world begins to transform before your eyes.  You are loved more than you can imagine.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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This is who you are. Claim it so. – Michael channeled by Ron Head July 8, 2012

ImageWe wish to bring you information today regarding a new connection which is available to you now should you wish to activate it.  The energy of this new connection is washing over all of you now, however your intention will ensure the best use of it.  Once your conscious link is made, there will be no doubt for you that you have tapped greater light than has been available to you heretofore.  The only requirement is your intent and imagination.

Use the method of centering and grounding with which you are most familiar and which is most effective for you.  We have given you a simple one which brings your attention from your heart down to the center of your earth.  There is no change to be made there for you.  The change is that you understand that Earth’s crystalline core is now linked as never before through your star to the Great Central Sun.  This, with your intent, gives you instant access to light and energy from your Creator.  Intend this link and it is yours.

Please also understand your worthiness to receive all that this link will bring you.  This need not be earned by you in any way.  This is your right as a creation of Source.  What you do need to understand is that you are now plugged into a power source that will begin to accelerate all of the changes you have desired for such a long time.  This, as we have said, is now happening for everyone.  Understanding and intent can help you to make the most of it.  This connection may feel at first as if you have grabbed a live wire.  Enjoy the sensation to its fullest.  But it is time for you to learn to be discerning in what you intend from this point forward.

You will now begin to create around you that which you allow yourselves to think of.  Think with intention.  Allow a thought which you do not desire to manifest no attention.  Allow it to pass right by you.  Just do not claim it.  Bring your focus instead back to that which you do desire.

You may wish to spend some time at first feeling and familiarizing yourself with the newness of this.  This is the energy, the light, the love, which you call by whatever name you give to your creative Source.  Learn to call it to you.  You may trust that it has as much desire for the connection as you do yourselves.

Be now the ones who spread this light and love far and wide on this planet.  This is who you are.  Claim it so.

We leave you now to consider this and try it for yourselves.  We delight in your progress.  Good day to you now, dearest friends.  May your hearts know peace and love till we speak again.

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A painted pig is just a pig. – Michael channeled by Ron Head May 27, 2012

ImageWe will speak today on the subject of usury.  Many in your country remember when there were laws governing the maximum amount of interest that could be charged.  Anything higher was called usury.  Today’s charges often exceed twice those allowable amounts.

You are told that such high rates are necessary for the economy.  They are necessary in order to keep the wealthy in receipt of more and more of the world’s resources.  More than a few of those whom you admire and fawn upon spend more upon a week’s short vacation than you earn in a year of hard work.  You are told it is because they work harder and produce more.  Many of those wealthy persons even believe that.  We find it unsettling that anyone could spend many thousands of times the price of a good meal for things totally unnecessary when millions of souls have nothing at all to eat for that day.  We find it unsettling that anyone would feel justified in then demanding more recompense for making less contribution to the whole.

Gambling with the welfare of millions of others is not a contribution to the whole regardless of how one chooses to paint it.  We believe you have a term that a painted pig is just a pig.  Actually the pig is probably poorly served in the comparison.  However, one must realize that as long as the society as a whole allows these things to happen, there will be those who feel they have permission to behave in this way.  Not only do you allow such things to happen, but you have television programs and magazines to worship such behavior.  Would you then allow yourselves to behave in those very same ways if given the opportunity?  Please look closely at that question before casting stones at those who do.

Nevertheless, such a situation needs to be rectified immediately in order to pave the way for the needed rebirth of the planet.  Changes in your societies’ structures must be made, but also changes in priorities need to be made, as well.  The latter changes, the societal priorities, begin internally with each of you.  We see these changes well in progress.  You are indeed waking up.  Many are still blaming, but a great many are also beginning to take responsibility.  Brave young people with very old souls are these.

The timbers of the old structure are creaking mightily even now.  Could any of those in their creaking towers allow, or even aid, the necessary changes to be made, smooth and nearly painless pathways to a healthy world could be found even now.  It is taking immense effort to stave off the inevitable.  Imagine all of that effort being made to benefit the whole planet.

We urge you to continue uniting in purpose, particularly on the upcoming transit, to build energy and support for those involved in creating the change you desire.  Send intent for peaceful and smooth birth of your new world, a world where the lives, the freedom, and the value of each individual are foremost.

We remain in steadfast support.  We assure you that the intent of Heaven is the return of your earth to her place as your peaceful and beautiful home, and your return to your full potentials.

Go in peace.  We will speak again tomorrow.

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