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Mercury Retrograde – Nov 6th to Nov 26th November 5, 2012

November 6 to Novemeber 26th

Retrograde:  11/06 at 6:04 pm EST  (Election Day in USA)
Direct:  11/26 at 5:48 EST
Release: 12/13  (also the day of the New Moon)

Those most effected by Mercury Retrograde:
Virgos and Geminis  (Sun sign and Rising Sign)

Mercury rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as important documents such as book manuscripts or term papers, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, and so forth. Included under this planet’s domain are all types of code, including computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel. When this planet retrogrades, these areas tend to get scrambled or spin out of control. Why does this happen? When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury naps, the activities that it governs don’t have the benefit of a well-functioning, wide-awake planet to supervise them. Expect a certain degree of pandemonium to ensue!(1)

I wrote a whole blog on this back in July (Mercury Retrograde – July 15 to Aug 8), seeing as its a subject that I find very important, not just because I’m a Virgo that lives with a Gemini, and I was born during a retrograde, because its something that even the most 3-D person can take a look and realize that these time periods always seem to have a similar effect on everyone.

Btw, there’s a Full Solar Eclipse on 11/14, and a partial Lunar Eclipse on 11/28.  links to previously written info below…
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Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Mercury goes retrograde and the traditional advice is “Don’t travel”“Don’t sign contracts”“Don’t marry” or “Don’t look at your computer or it will blow up!” But the whole Mercury retrograde cycle actually lasts eight weeks and happens three times, sometimes even four times in a year! That’s a long time to hide under the duvet and a real waste of a truly magical time. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain. So during the retrograde period it is like Mercury has gone down into the Underworld. In the realm closer to spirit we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-invent, re-form, and reinvent. It’s true you might have to redo things, because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but what this transit won’t let you do is to go into autopilot.

There are danger spots though. When Mercury is stationing retrograde we are at the wobbly stage where we are likely to slip up, make mistakes, and misread another’s communications. But once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about out business knowing we are in another realm. The same goes for when it is stationing direct – give our brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking. Whichever houses Mercury retrogrades in, will be your Underworld zone. Here you will question everything. It will make you jittery about signing contracts, because you will be constantly thinking, “Is this what I really want?”. Before the retrograde, is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down into your cave at its retrograde point. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.(2)
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(2)Excerpt from http://darkstarastrology.com/mercury-retrograde/