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You have… no idea of the powerful beings you are. – Michael channeled by Ron Head October 20, 2012

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ImageWe welcome you this day into a new window of opportunity.  Tomorrow humans will gather in meditation and visualization of the moving of humanity and your beautiful earth into the New Earth of freedom and prosperity.  Spend this day, therefore, in preparation for this event.

Understand that the taking of the future into your own spiritual hands, as it were, is what we have been urging you to do.  All of those things which we have spoken of for so long, and which you have dreamed of for just as long, will be manifested by you, dear ones.

Your hands will be needed.  Your feet will be needed.  Your minds will be needed.  But first and most importantly, your hearts are needed to make the changes which will begin everything.  The energy which you can create tomorrow is the very thing which we can use most effectively.  That is what we can multiply.  That is you co-creating with spirit the very things which you most desire.

There is an oriental concept called non-doing, or wu wei.  This is non-doing, my friends.  This non-doing is the most important part of doing.  This is the very beginning of creation.  This is the planting and nurturing of the seed.  This is the designing of the future.

Each piece of the design which is created by each of you is equally important.  Create this in your hearts.  Create it with loving intent.  See it.  Feel it.  Smell it.  Taste it.  Live it.  Love it.  This that you do tomorrow is the most important thing.

And do not think that you are adding one to the number of participants.  Each of you will increase the energy incrementally.  And then the millions upon millions of the light on this side will have that to add on to and work with.

Let us give you another picture to work with.  When your meditation is over, a huge snowball of energy will have been created.  But do not let it end there.  Each day, from now until your 12-12-12, add a little more energy, a little more of your dream, a little push.  How big will that snowball be if we all do that, my dear hearts?  You have, as yet, no idea of the powerful beings you are.  Let this next two months show you.

We celebrate with joy this next step you are making.  We join you in this effort.  The Creator has decreed the outcome.  Rejoice in this opportunity of opportunities.

Be in joy and be of one heart.  Our love be with you.  Good day.

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