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Message from Creator – 10/15/2012 October 15, 2012

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ImageWhat is your bottom line? You can continue to stand and stare at the blocks in your way or you can opt to move them; over, under, around or through. It does not make a difference how, just that you do it. ~ Creator


Message channeled by Jennifer Farley


Message from Creator – 10/12/12 October 12, 2012

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ImageIf you have to ask others if you are doing something ‘right’ then you probably are not. The inner guidance system you came to your Earth-plane existence with is fully operational; it is the doubt you took on while you have been here that is the issue. Release the doubt, listen to your heart and you will always be shown the ‘right’ way. ~ Creator

Message channeled by Jennifer Farley


Message from Creator – 07/22/12 July 22, 2012

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Can you believe? Can you believe that you are in the right moment at the right time to change everything about you and your world? Can you believe that you came here for just that reason? Can you believe it is your given right to do so? You, in your Divinely Human state, have been gifted with this extraordinary ability. Use it!! ~ Creator


Message channeled by Jennifer Farley


Message from Creator – 06/25/12 June 25, 2012

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You do not realize it most of the time, but by just being you, you bring magic into everyday life. ~ Creator

Message channeled by Jennifer Farley


Summer Solstice messge from Creator – 06/20/12 June 20, 2012


Be considerate – take care of yourself, but be aware of and think about your actions/reactions and how they affect others.

Be slow to judge – every person has a paradigm they exist in and you most likely do not see the whole picture. Remember, those you judge may be clamouring to be first in line to judge you.

Be quick to release negative emotion – negatively flows around and follows you like a dark cloud. Other are less willing to connect with a person that exudes negativity. Release, knowing you are being gentle with your body in the process.

Be kind – a moment of kindness to yourself or another sends ripples that will always be returned to you ten-fold. You may not remember the kindnesses shown, but The Universe always does.

Show respect – in showing respect for yourself and others, you are showing The Universe that, no matter what your/their station in life, they are deserving of receiving all the good your Earth has to offer.

Always love – it is what you were designed to do. It is not necessary to like every person that surrounds you but, love in it’s purest form is. Each person you come in contact with carries a piece of The Divine Spark within them. If you cannot love the person, love the Spark.

~ Creator

Message channelled by Jennifer Farely

Message from Creator – 06/02/2012 June 2, 2012

ImageWhen you reach what you believe to be your highest pinnacle ~ you may look down at the climb and congratulate yourself on the progress you have made. But, if you look to the heavens and say, “look how much further I can go”, that is when you make real progress. ~ Creator


Message channelled by Jennifer Farley


Message from Creator – 05/25/12 May 26, 2012

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ImageUnderneath all those layers of self-protection is a perfect, beautiful being waiting to emerge. Just as a butterfly emerges from its cocoon when it is ready, so shall your shining true self. ~ Creator


Message Channelled by Jennifer Farley