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On Step at a Time, pt.2 February 13, 2013

imagesGrowth and healing happen one step at a time.  This is not to say there can not be “spurts” and “break throughs”, yet those are usually preceded by a period of dormancy or even recession or decay.  So its either gradual steps, or dormancy/decay then burst/break through, which in actuality are “steps”.

Usually though, its one step at a time.  A seed is planted, then it sprouts, then leaves and upward growth.  Eventually flowers make their appearance, which are pollenated, and thus can create fruit.  While some plants will produce in a couple seasons time, most of these dying after one production or harvest season, other plants take 3 to 5 years to produce their first fruits, sometimes taking 7 to 10 years for their full potential to be reached.  Some of the best tasting and most nutritious fall into this category.

We must apply this same process and concept to life and its experiences.  The more effective, positive, and longest lasting changes, experiences, and healing will sometimes take long periods, even years, to bring about, and even more patience and perseverance to see the full benefits, potential, and lessons (possibly a whole lifetime).  This is why we must remain in FAITH and TRUST that everything is working out for the greatest good, and take life one step at a time.

When I had my soul retrieval and akashic records clearing done in October 2011, the healer saw a vision of an acorn planted, then growing into a mighty oak tree.  I understood the metaphor at the time, yet did not conceptualize the phases of growth (time elapsed) from acorn to mighty tree.  For an Oak to be considered to be considered “adult” it takes 15 to 20 years or more.  At an average of 2 feet of growth per year, that means about 40 years or more to reach the size of “mighty” tree the healer saw in her vision (full grown oaks are between 60-100 feet).

Thank goodness that humans have the potential to grow so much faster.  Yet, at this time, I am still a “sapling”, working on establishing deep roots, building trunk strength, growing upward and outward.  It will be a little longer before the first birds sing on my branches.  A bit longer before squirrels climb me to play.  A bit longer before I produce my first acorns.  Yet, I will eventually be that Mighty Oak.  I will enjoy each pahse of grwoth, each step on the path of healing, being present, being at peace with being the best me I can be.


One Step at a Time… February 12, 2013

imagesOne Step at a Time, or OSaaT, has been a real focus of mine, as of late. Its real easy to get out of the “now” and get all anxious with anticipation and worry of the future. That’s why when I’ve found myself getting worked up lately, I’ve written “OSaaT” on my wrist. It reminds me that growth, healing, manifestation, and life happen in steps, as a continual progressive process. Each day, each step, usually not much different than the last, comparatively.

Sometimes, there are jumps, where one phase ends, and another beings, marked with a large amount of change, yet these times are more “unique” or “rare” than the bulk of experienced moments/circumstances. Even when these times of change are known to be coming, one must live day by day, hour by hour, until the moment that has been divinely blessed for action is at hand. The best actions and outcomes come about by handling situations and things in their proper moment. Anticipation only bring stress and suffering. Planning is not anticipation, as long as one lets go as soon as feeling, decision, and intention are set.

Truly, anyone can know the Divine plan by tuning into their heart and God. However, the only constant is change… nothing is set in stone. There are 7+ billion incarnated souls, along with God, the Archangels and Angels, Master, and Elohim, making changes, revisions, and new addendums to the Divine plan with every thought, action, inaction, desire, bout of laziness, and epiphany. All that can truly be done is to make decisions about what one wants, set intentions and a loose paln of action, pray to God and the “God force” for help and guidance, then LET GO, and live in a state of unattached expectation, Faith, and TRUST. Patience and persistence are your two best friends in living while the Divine plan unfolds. Even when you KNOW something is destiny, there lies the issue of Earth time vs Divine timing. Not even the Angels truly know how these two correlate since there are an unfathomable amount of variables involved.

So… OSaaT. Find the amazingness of each moment with Faith and Trust that what you desire is on its way, and may very well be, just around the bend, or coming into your life with the change of the season. 😉