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I need your help… January 21, 2013

stock-footage-hd-i-businessman-man-doing-yoga-on-a-beach-at-sunriseA short back story…

In fall 2010, I started doing daily practice of hatha yoga.  Armed with “Yoga for Dummies”, a mat, and a few years of meditation practice, I set out to get my body into better physical shape, and see what spiritual applications this practice could have in my life.  After a couple weeks of experimentation, I came to find that my favorite time to yoga was first thing in the morning, shortly after sunrise.  I engaged this practice with enthusiasm and joy.  In 2011, one of my friends went into yoga teacher training.  On a couple occasions, he led me through a series, and the experience was most enjoyable since I was able to “let go” and be more “meditative”.  Yoga practice was becoming a tool in my spiritual growth, and my soon coming spiritual awakening.  In fall of 2011, after finally acknowledging the importance of a teacher, I experimented with yoga classes.  I tried several different types, finding that I enjoyed Yin/Restorative and Kundalini, and that “hot” and intensive “flow” classes are definitely NOT my style.  I did learn how much I love yoga when it is done in a way that is harmonious with who I am.

I decided at this point that I wanted to be a yoga teacher.  Some of the teachers were amazing, and some didn’t quite tickle my fancy.  I felt that my energy leading a class would be exactly what those seeking more of a meditative/spiritual experience would enjoy.  After talking with my friend who was doing training, following his advice and my own research, I settled on the styles that I want to train in, and found schools to facilitate my learning.

Last summer, I attended a weekend workshop at the main school I wanted to do training at, and I fell in love with Kripalu Yoga, the school, and the city/community the school is located in.  Kripalu is EVERYTHING my higher self told me it would be and more.  I promptly upon returning home sent in my application and deposit.  A week and half later, I received an email saying that I’d been accepted for the fall 200-hr intensive.  So, I started saving my money.  When the fall session came about, I did not have enough saved up to pay for the training, so I changed my slot to the spring 2013 session.  For Christmas, my brother gave me 20% of what I needed as a gift, getting me much closer.  However, my financial situation did not stay as abundant as I had planned, which brings this story to current date.

The Situation…

My financial situation has me in a place where I can make ends me, yet no more.  So, I am turning to you, my beloved readers for help.  Sometimes you just have to let go, and ask for help.  So last night, I asked God, the masters, the angels, and my higher self for help, and I was guided to put out a call to the wonderful people who read this blog.  Please, help me realize a dream, that will begin the snowball that turns my life into everything I dream of and more.  Below is “Donation” button that makes it easy to donate money to my paypal so that I can make this happen.  I feel like I am truly ready, and this spring 2013 is the best time for me to plant the seeds of my future.

Whether you can donate or not, Please help me by reblogging this so it may reach the greatest amount of people possible.

OmManiPadmeHumThank you 1000x for your generosity.

Namaste.  🙂


Thrive update 2013 November 24, 2012

Working towards the ways for Humanity to THRIVE!

Working towards the ways for Humanity to THRIVE!

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SaLuSa – 08/06/12 August 6, 2012

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ImageThe legacy that the dark Ones left in place still creates trouble for you. Actions they set in motion a long time ago still make progress, but no longer have the power or impetus to carry them through. Their greatest drawback has been where their military ambitions were concerned, and we have permanently disabled nuclear weapons which they will be prevented from using. The financial wing of the cabal has also fallen apart, and it will not be allowed to be resurrected in its old format.In fact as fast as they plug one hole another appears elsewhere, and in the end a new system will be the only answer. As the old one falls apart so it is revealing the extent of malpractice and corruption that has taken place for a very long time. So do not worry about the continuing problems, because at a future date not so very far away it will change for the better.

Also in the future money will not have as much importance as it has done in the past. It will be fairly distributed, and the system of heavy taxes will be vastly altered so that what you earn is only taxed once. Furthermore with free energy that is to be used in many ways to provide your needs, your outgoings will be much less than they are now. The ultimate situation will ensure that all of the energy needed for your heating, lighting, water and cooking will be free, as will a form of public transport. Eventually petroleum based products will no longer be used or required. Clean and economical energy will be available to everyone, thus removing the source of much pollution upon your planet.

You are getting used to the idea of major changes in your society, and these will not cause the disruption you might imagine. The plans have been very carefully laid out and speed is the essence of everything we are about to do. We know some of you are concerned that we do not have sufficient time to carry out our work, but be assured we are well prepared for any type of situation. The groundwork has already been done, and obstacles such as planning permission or other forms of delay you normally experience, will not interfere with our intentions.

As time goes by more of you have become open to the idea of working with us, and we welcome such enthusiasm. It has always been our intention that you should for example, be involved in the cleansing of your Earth. There are many areas that are seriously damaged and polluted, and denuded by deforestation. Have no fear about how long it will take, we can help restore them very quickly. In fact we will improve areas beyond that which they were previously, and we know exactly what is required to keep in balance with nature.

Bear in mind that our Motherships are in some instances many, many miles long and far larger than some of your cities. We carry with us all that we are likely to need, including large fleets of smaller craft for duties within your Earth’s atmosphere. The Motherships that you have often seen are mostly cigar shaped, but there are also ones that are circular. We do not normally come too near to your Earth with our largest craft, as they would cause malfunctions with your own energy systems. However, you will see them way above the atmospheric limits, and certainly an increase in our presence as we will come much closer to you.

You are getting used to the idea of a great leap forward, which makes it easier to introduce you to new technologies. In most ways they are labor saving, non-polluting and economical to use, and naturally automation will require less input from you. That will leave you with far more time to spend on yourself or pursuing other interests. In other words you will have plenty of leisure time to follow your hobbies, or whatever may continue to expand your knowledge. Since you will be able to travel into the past, present or future, your knowledge will grow very quickly. If you have a sufficiently expanded level of consciousness, you may want to join one of the Federations such as the Galactic Federation of Light.

Since you are so near to the major changes that you have been advised about, in the meantime there is nothing to worry about. Your future has already been determined and one thing is certain, and it is that the end times are divinely decreed and they will pass accordingly. Nothing is going to alter the end result and it does not matter what occurs in between. As you are beginning to understand, there is no longer the necessity for a catastrophic ending to the cycle. That was only applicable when it seemed evident that Man was trapped in the lower vibrations, and it looked as though there was no way out.

To your credit you have responded well to attempts to lift you up. Although the dark Ones were increasingly extending their control over you, you took in the Light and awakened to what was happening. Your growth in consciousness attracted even more Light to Earth, and the grid lines around it became renewed and extremely active. Like attracts like and you have become so powerful that you have not just stopped the dark Ones in their tracks, you have achieved victory over them. Soon you shall see them removed and prevented from expanding their web of darkness. There is a lot to do, and we are ready to get the vital cleansing underway. We have kept the damage down, but it is time to complete the work that has already started.

The dark Ones have been allowed to enact their game plan, but the Light was always going to win. It was just a matter of how well the Lightworkers would respond, as you would often incarnate and be pulled down by the negative energies and forget your life plan. Assistance is always at hand to help you out, but sometimes it is difficult to get through to you. The temptations of the physical levels are inviting and hard to resist, but with experience you can rise above them. In reality no one fails, as you will continue to face the challenges of the lower dimensions until you conquer them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask you to still keep your focus on Ascension, as it is what everything is about, and you have spent many, many lives to reach this point. Well done, and well deserved.

Thank you SaLuSa. Mike Quinsey. Website: Tree of the Golden Light


Go “Plastic-Free”! Use a canteen for drinking water, and reusable bags at the store! May 14, 2012

On top of all this, most plastic bottles are lined with BPA, to keep the plastic from disintegrating into the water.  BPA accumulates in the body, and causing issues and shutdowns of the endocrine glands, which regulate almost every vital function/system of the body, including hormones, nervous system, and immune system.


Make Your Money Count… Bank Locally!

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If you’re banking with any of these banks, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC Holdings, Citigroup, Wells Fargo… go MOVE YOUR MONEY.  Research where your new bank.  Here is a link to find local banks by zip code.


Quote of the Day – 5/13/12 May 13, 2012

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“The shock absorbers are in place, just ride the wave, my friends. The future is here just walk thru the door.”