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Walk in joy, dear ones. – channeled by Ron Head February 10, 2013

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It is time now for humanity to begin the creation of your new world.  You have weathered the ups and downs of the initial period of heavy upgrades to your energetic and bodily systems and are ready now to step ahead into the real work that you came here to do.

Some of you have already chosen projects and ideas to work on.  That is a wonderful thing.  Let us in no way slow you down from such things.  The main work for most of you at this time, however, is to continue clearing out any and all of the old clutter from your minds and lives.  Then ask yourselves what you truly wish to accomplish from this point forward.

Take no notice of your age, your ‘qualifications’, or anything else other than your true heart’s desire.  You may save nations, dear hearts, or you may have an effect upon a family, even an individual, during your time here.  But what the effect of that may be upon the future of this world, you cannot begin to know.  How many kindnesses, words of wisdom, or gestures of compassion have, completely unknown to the ones who contributed them, turned people, nations, and history around in the past?  Stories of these things have amazed you over and over again.

The point of the stories is that you might be the one to create that next miracle.  But in order to do that, you must be ready.  How are you to be ready, do you imagine?  Just continue to be and become the very best you that it is possible for you to become.  No one can ask more of you than that.  None expect more of you than that.  It is, after all, the reason you are here.  Do you know what that contribution may be?  We are sure you do not.

You love affirmations we observe.  Try this one if you will.  “I am where I need to be, when I need to be there, to do what I need to do when I need to do it.”  Let us, and your life, take care of the rest.

There is more we need to discuss soon, but this is enough for today.  Stay grounded and grateful for all that is being showered upon you now.  Yes, it continues to rise in intensity, but as we have told you, you are becoming more and more able to assimilate it.

Walk in joy, dear ones.  Good day.

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All the light you want, all the time. – channeled by Ron Head January 11, 2013

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ImageAA Michael

Our message for today will be simple and to the point.  We are always speaking to you about energy, love, and light.  That is the primary focus of this channel and will remain so for a time.  Just as a coach of one of your sports teams will continually drill his team on basics, basics, basics, so do we wish to remind you over and over again of certain things.  The most important of these is your connection to Creator’s love.

When we speak of light or energy, we are speaking of the same thing.  Please understand that you are always connected to this light, this love.  Without it you would not be, would not exist.  It is the very essence of yourselves.  However, as readers of these messages, we assume that just existing is not your primary goal.  Therefore we are always bringing to your attention things which you may do to enhance your progress along your chosen paths.

There are a great many things which will help you along your way, visualizations, meditations, actions, attitudes, etc., etc.  All of these may be very helpful at times.  Your connection to your Creator’s love and light, however, is the basic thing we would like to stress.  This is something which will always, always see you through.  It will always be healing.  It will always provide you with what you need.  In fact, it is more likely to know what you need than you are yourself.

Have you ever wished for, prayed for, even thought of something without it being known to Source?  Of course not.  What we are saying is, your first and foremost priority should be to establish your intentional and conscious connection to Creator and maintain it jealously each and every day.  At first, you may begin by imagining the light, love, and energy pouring into you.  But quickly you will find that you begin to feel a response that does not depend upon your imagination.  At that point there are many things you might think, imagine, pray, or intend.  All of those are alright.  None of them are necessary.  You only need to bring into yourself, and therefore your entire field of being, more light, more love.  Always more light, more love.  Any doubt?  More love.  Uncertainty?  More love.  Fear?  Worry?  More love.  Illness?  More love.

This is something we see you forgetting at times when you encounter bumps in your path.  We therefore stress it as the most basic thing.  Open yourselves and allow it to happen and you will always find what your heart needs.  You will also notice that we include no warning of side effects or of overdose.  It is even alright if you are nursing or pregnant.  Well, we thought to lighten this up a bit.

Remember, all the light you want, all the time, and then more.  We will speak again.  Good day.

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Remember to add “or something better” to the end of your prayers. – channeled by Ron Head January 6, 2013

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ImageAA Michael

It is our joyous opportunity today to report to you your remarkable progress.  You have taken stock of the true situation in which you have found yourselves and. as always, have reached down into the deepest reserves of your being and discovered the amazing strength which resides there. You have stood up and are ready to stride out once again upon the paths you have chosen.

True, some have still not been able to do this, but your examples will show them that things are far better than they appear.  There was a very steep and dangerous stretch of the journey which needed to be covered in the last few years, and you all have succeeded very, very well.  Now many are discovering, as they assess where they are, that they have not only grown immeasurably, but have gained some things they never thought they would.

This is why some tell you to always remember to add “or something better” to the end of your prayers.  There is usually something better when the goal is limited to what you can imagine.  And many have begun to leave the “how” part out of their prayers.  This is wonderful, also.  Believe us, any “how” that you can dream up is nothing but restrictive compared to all the possibilities at the universe’s disposal.  Your conscious mind is finally learning to tend to the business for which it was designed.

It helps a great deal when you discuss with each other the successes you have and what you learn from them.  Something which may seem small or unimportant to you could well be the next big thing another needs to think about.  Your progress does indeed change the whole, but your sharing directly might save another quite a bit of effort.

As always we offer our support in all things.  Call on us and on your personal guides much more than you do.  It is, after all, what we are here for.

Good day, dear friends.

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Do what is yours to do, but keep always in your hearts your connection to the whole.- channeled by Ron Head January 4, 2013

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ImageAA Michael

We greet you once again and wish to continue in our explanation of your current circumstances.  Most of you have begun to emerge from what you would describe as a ‘funk’.  You do have some wonderful words.  Now what is to be done?

It is only necessary for you to maintain your focus on your inner selves, on connecting more and more closely with your hearts.  Learn to act from that place.  You will find that among the things which will happen are a knowing of what you must do next and the arrival of circumstances which will allow movement.  The ‘bravery’ or ‘faith’, or whatever you wish to call what it will take to make the first step, you will find in the same place you found that knowing.  These are not simple things, my friends… unless they are.  These are the steps of masters.  Masters do not always need to do vast world changing things.  Masters just must take the first step and then of course the next.  But you will agree that you may not begin by taking the second step.  And you need to also understand that you are where you are because that is precisely where your first step must be taken.  There are many billions of you there at this moment, each in the position to take a first step.  You only need to worry about your own.

Imagine tomorrow’s world in which everyone had taken that first step today.  There are first steps being taken today, dear friends, as well as second ones, and indeed, some which are very near to final ones.  Only concern yourselves with what it is your heart wishes to accomplish where you are.  The rest will be handled quite nicely by your fellows.

You will find now that, as all of the former obstacles are discovered to be gone, much more will begin to be accomplished than you have seen in your lifetime so far.  You will also find that the obstacles to your own personal growth are no longer so formidable.  This year you will discover how very powerful you and your fellow humans truly are.  But the final steps will not come first any more than they ever have.

Many times you may find it necessary to return to your hearts and renew your strength.  At those times, do not forget to ask us for our help.  End each day with gratitude for what you have done or learned, and begin each day with gratitude for the new opportunities it brings.  Do what is yours to do, but keep always in your hearts your connection to the whole.

That this is no ordinary year will soon become apparent.  We think you are beginning to understand how very special and wonderful you are and are becoming.  We are overjoyed in what you are doing.

Do not berate yourselves for needing a bit of respite now and again.  It has been a long, long road.  You have always stood again and re-entered the fray.  We know you will not quit now that the fruition of your efforts is so very near.  You carry our deepest love and respect as you build now a world never seen before.

We will continue to speak with you often, dear friends.  Good day.

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Be one. As of today, be one. – channeled by Ron Head December 12, 2012

ImageAA Michael

And here, my beloved friends, is that good news I promised to return with.  This message will be, as I’m sure you are finding, unanimous.  But nevertheless, allow us to bring it to you one more time.

At long last, after several millennia, you have arrived at the final doorway into the long promised age in which all of the anger, war, poverty, fear, and other less desirable conditions are left behind, having taught you all the lessons you desired to learn.  From this point on, your only purpose will be to increase your awareness, understanding, and acceptance of the Divine Light, as well as that of all those you may encounter.  You will make the most outstanding teachers because you have, as you say, “been there and done that.”

You will find that the next period, from now until the twenty-first of this month, will bring you a huge increase in light and internal change, if you allow it.  It will be much larger than before, but should be easier for you to adjust to, since now you certainly can see for yourselves where this is taking you.  Very few of you have any doubt left at this point.

We also tell you that the amazing joining of yourselves into collective prayer and meditation that you have accomplished, and which continues as we speak, is creating an indescribable explosion of love and light throughout this world of yours.  We extend our deepest respect, admiration, and gratitude for all that you have done and continue to do.  A vast sea of change has been activated, mostly by you, dear ones.

Find the self who is worthy of all that we have promised you.  Release your doubts, your guilts, your feelings of undeservedness, and accept.  Learn to accept.  We cannot force your brilliant futures upon you.  Somehow train yourselves to maintain the focus on your desired future and welcome it with gratitude and that energy alone will at last allow it to come to you.  Let us worry about how.  We are pretty good at that part.  In fact, you have already done the most difficult part.  Just let us finish the job.

There is a feeling of elation, of celebration, sweeping across the surface of your world today.  Immerse yourselves in it and see it spreading to all of those whose circumstances do not yet allow them to feel it.  Be one.  As of today, be one.

Our deepest love to you, dear hearts.  Good day.

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Stop jumping up and down. – AA Michael channeled via Ron Head November 4, 2012

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ImageGood morning.  We will now discuss your growing feeling of impending change.  In this you are perfectly correct.  And you look around yourselves trying to spot the first manifestations of it, do you not?

We hear your question almost constantly, “When?  When?”  Yet we tell you almost as often that it is occurring now.  There are signs all around you, yes.  But the feeling you are having only concerns them in the most minor way.

The reason you are feeling this, and feeling it as strongly as you do, is that you are, in fact, perceiving the extent of massive changes you have created, and are continuing to create, in yourselves.  You have asked and asked for certain things to happen and now you are feeling them beginning to manifest in your consciousness.  It feels, does it not, as if something huge and unknown is just beyond the curtain of your awareness?  Well, that is an absolutely perfect picture of the truth of it.

We will tell you that the very fact that you are interested in these messages shows that you have made certain commitments which are leading you ever closer to realizing the person you have been creating for many, many lifetimes.  Most of you think you know who that is.  But the wonderful truth is that even those most awake just now are about to be presented with selves which amaze and delight them.

You are also to suddenly discover a limitless life which cannot even be described to you.  We can tell you that you will be able to perceive this, thus, and that, but until you do, it will mean nothing to you.  It would be like trying to describe to you the flavor of chocolate.  Try that.  Do you think it would be possible?  What if we said that you could be aware of several dimensions and times at once?  If you have never seen another dimension in this lifetime, what does that really mean to you?  If we say that you will remember lives, or between lives, or your galactic origins, what does that really mean to you?  All of these things are true.  They all sound amazing.  And they all serve to keep your attention focused on your ascension.  But the real goal is none of these things anyway.

The real goal is for you to finally envelop this tiny, pretend self into the magnificent Self you really are for the last time AND for you to then live as that Self from that point on.  Were that approaching, do you think you would feel that something huge and wonderful was impending?  Would you feel just as you do now?  Does that, or does that not, ring true?

Please stop jumping up and down.  We joke, of course.  Actually, we jump up and down with you.  You are very, very close now.  Why not carry that feeling of approaching celebration throughout your day and share it with your world?  You need not talk of it.  Just carry it forth.  It is contagious.  Infect everyone.

We love you, dear hearts.  We will speak again soon.  Good day.

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Make it so, dear hearts. – channeled by Ron Head September 17, 2012


On this day, the seventeenth of September of your time, we wish to inform you of the opening of a vast new timeline.  Your world has been positioned by you to merge and end all previous timelines on December twenty-first.  No efforts to predict the future on those timelines have been successful, precisely because they will end on that date.

Your Creator has decreed an entirely new future for you, one which you have been given glimpses of, but have not been truly able to see as yet.  Other occurrences have been and are being manufactured right now in order to keep you distracted from this knowledge.  We tell you that nothing can deter you now from manifesting the future you have spent eons in creating through prayer and effort.  The futures that each of your souls have chosen is assured.

There will be a great deal of noise made to attempt to distract you, but those attempts will now be futile. As much as separation and darkness loves to think itself powerful, it can never prevail over the will of Creator.  This time/space “reality” is rapidly approaching its “sell by” date.

There is panic in some quarters as it becomes obvious what is happening.  Those who have taken pride in knowing that they understood things which they have hidden from you are now realizing that it is likely they have bet upon the wrong horse.

Many momentous things are happening and will continue to happen between now and the end of this year.  None of them, except those which occur in your inner world, are necessary for you to place your attention upon.  We know this will be very difficult for you to understand.  But it is what has built and will continue to build your new lives.  Your outer lives are reflections of the inner, not the reverse, as you have been taught.

You, my dear friends, are the creators of your circumstances.  What has happened is that enough of you have become aware of this to overcome the effect of the relatively few who used this knowledge to control you.  Let that be.  Do not give it your attention, unless to wish forgiveness and compassion upon those souls.  Keep your attention and intention focused on getting yourselves ready to be your best selves ever.

We know many of you converse daily with your highest selves.  We wish you now to invite those most powerful and loving beings to live as and through your physical selves.  Ask for all the fragmented pieces of yourselves that your previous traumas split off from you to return home and be whole again.  Voice to yourselves many times each day now the words “I AM”, and follow them with your highest understanding and desires.  Make it so, dear hearts.

Let’s get this party started!  In love and friendship, we wish you, as always, good day.

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