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I need your help… January 21, 2013

stock-footage-hd-i-businessman-man-doing-yoga-on-a-beach-at-sunriseA short back story…

In fall 2010, I started doing daily practice of hatha yoga.  Armed with “Yoga for Dummies”, a mat, and a few years of meditation practice, I set out to get my body into better physical shape, and see what spiritual applications this practice could have in my life.  After a couple weeks of experimentation, I came to find that my favorite time to yoga was first thing in the morning, shortly after sunrise.  I engaged this practice with enthusiasm and joy.  In 2011, one of my friends went into yoga teacher training.  On a couple occasions, he led me through a series, and the experience was most enjoyable since I was able to “let go” and be more “meditative”.  Yoga practice was becoming a tool in my spiritual growth, and my soon coming spiritual awakening.  In fall of 2011, after finally acknowledging the importance of a teacher, I experimented with yoga classes.  I tried several different types, finding that I enjoyed Yin/Restorative and Kundalini, and that “hot” and intensive “flow” classes are definitely NOT my style.  I did learn how much I love yoga when it is done in a way that is harmonious with who I am.

I decided at this point that I wanted to be a yoga teacher.  Some of the teachers were amazing, and some didn’t quite tickle my fancy.  I felt that my energy leading a class would be exactly what those seeking more of a meditative/spiritual experience would enjoy.  After talking with my friend who was doing training, following his advice and my own research, I settled on the styles that I want to train in, and found schools to facilitate my learning.

Last summer, I attended a weekend workshop at the main school I wanted to do training at, and I fell in love with Kripalu Yoga, the school, and the city/community the school is located in.  Kripalu is EVERYTHING my higher self told me it would be and more.  I promptly upon returning home sent in my application and deposit.  A week and half later, I received an email saying that I’d been accepted for the fall 200-hr intensive.  So, I started saving my money.  When the fall session came about, I did not have enough saved up to pay for the training, so I changed my slot to the spring 2013 session.  For Christmas, my brother gave me 20% of what I needed as a gift, getting me much closer.  However, my financial situation did not stay as abundant as I had planned, which brings this story to current date.

The Situation…

My financial situation has me in a place where I can make ends me, yet no more.  So, I am turning to you, my beloved readers for help.  Sometimes you just have to let go, and ask for help.  So last night, I asked God, the masters, the angels, and my higher self for help, and I was guided to put out a call to the wonderful people who read this blog.  Please, help me realize a dream, that will begin the snowball that turns my life into everything I dream of and more.  Below is “Donation” button that makes it easy to donate money to my paypal so that I can make this happen.  I feel like I am truly ready, and this spring 2013 is the best time for me to plant the seeds of my future.

Whether you can donate or not, Please help me by reblogging this so it may reach the greatest amount of people possible.

OmManiPadmeHumThank you 1000x for your generosity.

Namaste.  🙂


Cheers to 2013! January 1, 2013

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Blessings to all in 2013.

May your dreams and desires that are in alignment
with your highest self and the divine plan
manifest into your life this year.

My beliefs of this year are totally tops,
I can hardly wait to see what awesomeness
comes to pass.

Love and Light be with you.


You are the master creators – Michael channeled by Ron Head July 6, 2012


Our message this day is one of cheer and joy.  It has been noted that your star has once again stepped up the flow of light to the planet.  Many strong emissions are now on their way to you.  Tomorrow will be, by your calendar, the seven-seven day of this momentous year.  With it arrives the light energy to continue in earnest the changes which you have begun.

A less gradual dissolution of the negative or dark energies will now become apparent.  Feelings of freedom and joy will be more frequent and profound.  Glimpses across the remnants of the veil will occur more often.  Many who never seemed to have any interest in things spiritual will begin to surprise you with their comments and questions.  All of the things of which we have spoken are indeed in progress.  The use of your full DNA is being returned to you.  This must, of course, be a gradual thing.

You will already, in many cases, be experiencing the effects.  Your perception of the world around you will change.  Greater still will be the change in your perception of the world within you.  You are once again moving from a period of assimilating heightened energy and into even greater and higher frequencies.

The negative on the planet is being exposed as never before.  Remain above the judgment and anger and be a cause for change to the better wherever you are personally able.  The judgment and anger is also something which it is necessary to release at this time.  We have advised that you remain steadfast in your focus on the view of the new world which you desire.  Your ability to do this will keep you from falling into the lower emotions of anger and fear.

Recognize that the very reason for all the apparent chaos is the making way for your dreams to manifest.  The old must fall to make way for the new to rise.  You are the master creators of the past worlds and you will be the creators of the new one, as well.  This time you will be able to do so without the weight of the negative upon your shoulders.

Find each day now reasons to feel gratitude and rejoice.  You will see them increasing rapidly.  Your journey through this last few months and into the next year will seem as quick as the blink of an eye.  Find as many ways as you can to enjoy it.

Bumps along the way there may be.  We will be at your side every moment.  Ask for our aid whenever you need us.  Remember, you do need to ask.  Good day, dear ones.

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In the dreaming of it, you are creating it. – Michael channeled by Ron Head May 31, 2012


This morning we shall talk about your similarities and differences.  It would seem absurd to say that you are all exactly the same while no two of you are at all alike.  Yet that is a true statement.

No two persons, nor indeed creations in any form, have experienced exactly the same things during their journeys through existence.  And every experience has led you to draw conclusions about what you have perceived.  No two persons perceiving an event or thing experience it the same.  Every experience they have had in this lifetime, or any lifetime, colors what they see.  Every conclusion they have ever drawn about similar things comes to bear.  Every fear, every love, every pain, every comfort that has been experienced and related to similar circumstances will be compared instantly, consciously, or more likely unconsciously, to the situation, and instant conclusions will produce additional emotions and feelings.

As more and more of your being becomes conscious and aware, you may have more and more control of these things.  They do, nevertheless continue to happen.  We would say to you that this would describe a function and purpose of your existence.  You are Creation experiencing itself.

So it becomes easy to see that no two of you are alike.  Now let us discuss your nature as a living being.  Everything which is common to you will probably reveal more of your true nature.  Humans love their families and protect them from harm.  Humans all have dreams and desires.  Humans all want safety and comfort.  We can make the list as long as you like.  And we are sure that each of you, if so inclined, could produce examples which do not fit the mold.

Now, if you will, take a moment to imagine what our human would be like if all doubt, fear, and lack were removed from the perceived future.  Imagine that this is you.  How would your life change?  How would you change?  If you knew beyond doubt that you would never face hunger, nor lack for anything again, how would you react?  If you knew that your sons and daughters were assured of the same, what would life be like?  If we even told you that your life is soon to be exactly like that, would it change anything?

We have done it again, have we not?  We have caused you to dream of a world you could never have imagined before now.  That is one of our functions.  For in the dreaming of it, you are creating it.  As more and more of you dream of it in more detail and for longer periods of time, it becomes more possible, more believable, more real.

And now we have touched upon the nature of the sameness of all humans.  You are creators.  You are creating a new world and you are learning that you are doing so.  We are in awe at how quickly you are progressing.  It seems to you to be slow and painful.  It is not so.  It is the blink of an eye that has been foretold.

Once again we ask you to hold peace in your hearts and we will speak again tomorrow.

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We are placing dreams in front of you again. – Michael channeled by Ron Head May 13, 2012

ImageWe will now speak of the abilities you are acquiring which will allow you to live happier and longer lives.  Not long ago your scientists discovered DNA.  Within your memories, they discovered the codings which they claimed control most of the attributes of your bodies.  By far the largest portion of your DNA they proclaimed to be junk.  Anything your DNA caused in you was thought to be an uncontrollable condition.  Sorry about that.  It’s in your DNA.

Now some scientists are beginning to discover that what is in those codes can be changed and that perhaps there is less junk there than they realized.  We assure you that Creator does not waste effort on junk.  There is nothing at all about you that is junk.  Your DNA is an exquisite system of switches that can be turned on or off as needed.  Many, many of your capabilities have not been needed in this third dimensional existence.  Others were disabled intentionally by those in your past who needed to control you.  Since you are basically beings created around sparks of God, as some have termed it, this could never have been permanent.

Everything has been tried to keep you from reaching the inevitable flowering into your true potential.  Everything appeared to be working out just fine.  But unfortunately, Divine Will always overcomes any obstacle.

It has always been the intent of your Creator that you return to the magnificence of your true selves, and that you bring with you all the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired along the way.  All of you have heard stories, read books, and seen perhaps for yourselves, the abilities of a few seemingly unique individuals to do amazing things.  Some were so amazing that you still call them miracles.  There are things which you do not understand.  There are laws which you have never considered.  There are effects, the causes of which you are unaware.  In fact, there is quite a bit of your own existence of which, quite frankly, you do not yet have a clue.

Some of the things which you will find yourselves able to accomplish will astound you.  Yet, for others in this universe, they would seem commonplace.  Usually the mere observation of another doing something is enough to make a complete change your belief systems.  One man running a four minute mile changed everything.  Children seeing a person bend spoons or willing objects to move will quite often be doing it themselves in minutes.  You are about to encounter the manifestation of abilities you thought of as dreams or hoaxes.  And many of you will live long enough to have these for yourselves.  Even some who now consider themselves as advanced in age will find themselves living far into this century.

Likewise the technological advances which are brought before you in the next months and years will be based upon science which is literally light years ahead of your current understandings.

We come now to the place where we must use one of our favorite words, accept.  There are some who will not.  Just as some refused to get into an automobile or to board an airplane, there will be some who resist everything we are speaking of.  Those who can accept with open arms and gratitude, another favorite word, will find their lives completely changed seemingly overnight.  We see many words falling into disuse in your immediate future.  Drudgery is one of them.  Being able to afford something will not be a consideration in your future.  Not having the time will likewise be obsolete.Image

We are placing dreams in front of you again.  We always do that, don’t we?  It is to help you manifest these things for yourselves that we do this.  We know how powerful you are, even if you do not.  We will soon be able to hear you say, “Look what we did.”  That will be much better than having you say, “Look what they did for us.”  We are doing much, yes; but you are doing everything of which you are currently capable, and that is as it should be.

We will return tomorrow, my friends.  Good day.

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Does this not ring true? – Michael channeled by Ron Head May 9, 2012

We shall speak today on the topic of self-worth.  The importance of this cannot be over-stated.  Each of you has built a future constructed of dreams and desires which are your concepts of a better and happier life.  Most of you are wondering when you are going to see some evidence of these things in your lives.

Your realities, and we will point out that this means your illusions, are built around your beliefs of the possible.  This is the system as you have constructed it, and it is inviolable.  Therefore, in order to make a change in what you see, you need to make a change in what you believe.  This is not news to you at all.  What you may not have considered, and what has been used against you very effectively, is that if you believe you are unworthy or underserving of receiving your dreams, they may not occur.  That is ‘may not’ as in ‘they do not have permission’.

Concepts of guilt and sin have tied you down very effectively.  Likewise, placing intermediaries between yourselves and whatever your name for your Creator is, has immediately taken away your connection to your power.  Let us propose a new belief pattern for you which we suggest you look at closely and adopt as much as you are able.

Try these truths on for size.  I am the created son/daughter of the most powerful creative force in the universe.  I am created in His/Her likeness.  The Creator of my being is Love itself.  Creator’s love is unconditional.  Therefore the creator loves me unconditionally.  This means that, no matter what I have done in this life or any other, I am worthy and deserving of whatever will make my life and my world better.  Does this not ring true for you?  Of course it does.  You will need to take one tiny further step.  Forgive yourselves.  Ah!  Perhaps not so tiny for you?  We suggest you go inside and call a meeting.  Invite your Creator, your higher self, your soul, all those you feel you have hurt, and put yourself in one of those chairs also.  Now do a little Ho-o-pono-pono.  Tell everyone at that table, “I love you.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.”  Tell them sincerely, especially that self who is sitting there.  After this you should be able to say, feel, and believe, “I am worthy and deserving of all the best things for my life.”

Until the illusion collapses around you completely, and it will, we assure you that moving yourselves into a space of self-worth and self-love will change your lives totally, lifting the weight of countless years of hopelessness.  Now look at your dreams and desires, your hopes for the new world, with entirely new eyes.  Step forward with confidence into your new lives.

Peace and love be yours, dear friends.

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Message from Creator – 5/5/12 May 6, 2012

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ImageAn interesting thing happens when you pin all your hopes on someone or something outside yourself; in one instant, you have given all of your power to that one/thing in the hopes that it will create something you desire. The Universe invites you to look within; give yourself the things you most desire because no one knows YOU quite like you do. Once you are in that perfect space, completely in tune with The Divine Spark that exists within, nothing is out of your reach. ~ Creator


Message Channeled by Jennifer Farley