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Own Your Power! February 12, 2013

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I love music, pt 3 – “Playing with the Band” September 11, 2012

I love music.  If there’s anything I enjoy more than playing an instrument, its doing it with other musicians.  If there is anything that proves telepathy is real, its “jamming”, 100% improvisation, with other musicians.  I’ve jammed with more people than I can count, and always within five to ten minutes, we find a common ground and go from there, usually with little or no spoken communication.  I was in a band once, for about 3 months, that never wrote a song, yet we would improv for an hour or two, every practice, and usually the first was one of the best.  We even had someone try to book us after posting a raw video of two jams, thinking it was written “polished” material.  Just more evidence that music is a universal language that all can speak and understand.

Playing with others takes me to a place where time and space are formless.  The groove is something that can not be forced, it just happens.  When the drummer finds the rhythm, and I lock in, we flow as one, and eventually take off.  Then the melodies and harmonies interweave on our spirit-in-form platform, creating a dance of vibration and soul. Its something that has no boundaries, and is easy to get lost in while it happens.  Only when it ends, does one realize that the God within each player just merged in an ultimate act of creation.

I long to experience this again, to play with other musicians, to create and allow the Universe to speak through us.  I eagerly await the day when hands and feet create a beat, and with the magic of my fingers a groove is formed, to facilitate yet another spiritual playground for guitar, keys, and other melody makers to dance and express their inner light.

From my journal, 09-10-12