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new Kaminanda… simply amazing. January 16, 2013

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this… is… beautiful… September 28, 2012

Thank you BT.


Music is Alive, pt. 2 August 20, 2012

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A musician is someone who has awakened and cultivated this ability to create and express by manipulating frequency in a way that is pleasing and desirable to both themselves and an audience.  Past cultures, and a handful of still present indigenous tribes in Africa, believed that we all have this ability, and therefore have no word in their language for the designation of “musician”.  In the modern world, and dating back 1000 years or more, musicians are highly prized and status placed upon them based on level of ability since music is such an integral part of life, yet so many have forgotten how to tap into this innate divine ability, or worse, believe that they do not possess this ability at all.

There is music within you.  It is the vibration of your cells… your thoughts… your emotions.  It is begging to come out, and be heard, even if just by you.  This music is beautiful regardless of how it would be critiqued.  You are a “musician”, regardless of the level to which you have found to express this vibration.  The music of your being is a great treasure that the world will be blessed to hear, once you set it free.