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Mercury Retrograde in 2013… February 9, 2013

mercury_4179_1Being a Virgo (one of the two signs ruled by Mercury, the other being Gemini), this subject is important to me.  Its also important to me because Mercury retrograde effects all life on this planet very strongly.  Mercury being the planet that rules commerce, communication, contracts, and travel (just to name its major influences), its movements and energy play a major role in today’s modern society.

Mercury Retrograde is a time to slow down, and reevaluate.  When it comes to important matters, especially in business and personal relationships, it is a time to wrap things up prior to, or put things on hold until afterwards.  The 2 weeks(-ish) prior, and after, require attention and finesse.  Planning ahead and being flexible is key.  This is a time to keep yourself grounded, centered, and focused.  It can be quit a marvelous time, if one handles their affairs consciously and with an open mind and heart.

I’ve written two other blogs on the subject that go into depth on Mercury Retrograde and its effects.


Mercury Retrograde (MR) happens (usually) three times a year.  Today marks the pre-MR (or the “slow down”) phase for this current cycle.  MR will begin for this phase on Feb 23rd (with the Full Moon on the 25th).  Post-MR starts, or begin movement again, on March 17th, St. Patrick’s Day.  It will be back at full speed, and life will resume at its normal fast pace on March 31st, Easter.

The dates for the other two cycles this year are as follows…

pre-MR:  June 10
MR:  June 26
post-MR:  July 21
MD:  August 3

pre-MR:  October 5
MR:  October 21
post-MR:  November 11
MD:  November 26

For a full calendar diagram, go HERE.

This retrograde is in Pisces:

When Mercury is found to be retrograde in Pisces, there would be mental and emotional confusions. Some psychic experiences are also probable. There would be a mix-up of ideas, opinions and passions among people. People tend to become too much spiritual or too much erratic in their behaviour. There would also be a tendency for procrastination and laziness might creep in. Paranormal experiences are usually noted. Stress shall take its toll. Stability and privacy would be needed for a trouble-free environment. Nervous breakdowns are usually reported on a large scale.
taken from:  http://www.findyourfate.com/astrology/mercury-retrograde-signs.html

There are no hard rules in this universe, yet some general principles to go by are…


Do’s when Mercury is Retrograde

•   Reassert your vows and devotion in your love life or married life. Take time to be along with your      loved one this partner. But do not initiate any new moves.

•   Do take time to mend fences with your partner during this retrograde period. Get rid of past      resentments and try to make amends with him/ her. Reconciliation would work well in this period.

•   Patience need to be exercised when Mercury goes retrograde. In case there had been a previous      break-up with partner now is the time to extend an olive branch.

•   You could rekindle a last flame. Look up for some lost love in your life when Mercury goes      retrograde.

•   You can revisit your ideas of pleasure this time, like your favourite hotspot, your favourite hideout or a     coffee shop you used to frequent with your loved one.

Don’ts when Mercury is Retrograde

•   At any cost make sure you do not get married during Mercury retrograde dates. Because this is the time when promises get broken easily, and thing go awry. Though everything would seem smooth between you and your partner, something creepy might get in, hence maintain caution.
•   Do not pursue a new love route. It would land you in troubled waters. Though it might seem right enough ultimately it would turn into a total failure when Mercury goes direct. You would not get a correct picture of relationships when Mercury is retrograde as things seem blurred.
•   Do not try to break up with your loved one when Mercury is retrograde. Divorce proceedings are to be     strictly avoided and stalled. Else it would be a big strain for you both mentally ,physically, emotionally     and financially.
•   Mercury retrograde is a period when your resolve gets tested. Hence make sure you avoid a     distrusted person who has been trying to get your attention this period.
•   Do not go out on a first date when Mercury is in retrograde motion. Wait till it goes direct to initiate     any moves because you would be caught on the wrong foot if you venture into this unknown territory     when Mercury is retrograde



•   Your financial deals need to be reconsidered and restructured during a Mercury retrograde phase
•   Reassessing and renegotiations of finances can be done.
•   Do take care of any pending old businesses and make sure you complete them beforehand
•   Do look for any potential errors in your financial moves like payments and insurance policies.
•   Garner data related to anything you want to buy or invest in future.
•   Loans plans if any and other payment plans need to be revised.
•   Be prepared with your papers for filing of your taxes.
•   Reorganize your accounting and book keeping systems.
•   Change your beliefs and attitudes towards money and finances for the better is yet to come.


•   Do not initiate any new projects, partnerships or investments. It would certainly result in a loss and also in unwanted delays and frustrations.
•   Do not make any new purchases, else they might turn up to be faulty or damaged or of no use to you.
•   Do not take any loans when Mercury is under Retrograde.
•   Do not file taxes when Mercury is at its worst.
•   Do not gamble, speculate or take any risks with money.




I need your help… January 21, 2013

stock-footage-hd-i-businessman-man-doing-yoga-on-a-beach-at-sunriseA short back story…

In fall 2010, I started doing daily practice of hatha yoga.  Armed with “Yoga for Dummies”, a mat, and a few years of meditation practice, I set out to get my body into better physical shape, and see what spiritual applications this practice could have in my life.  After a couple weeks of experimentation, I came to find that my favorite time to yoga was first thing in the morning, shortly after sunrise.  I engaged this practice with enthusiasm and joy.  In 2011, one of my friends went into yoga teacher training.  On a couple occasions, he led me through a series, and the experience was most enjoyable since I was able to “let go” and be more “meditative”.  Yoga practice was becoming a tool in my spiritual growth, and my soon coming spiritual awakening.  In fall of 2011, after finally acknowledging the importance of a teacher, I experimented with yoga classes.  I tried several different types, finding that I enjoyed Yin/Restorative and Kundalini, and that “hot” and intensive “flow” classes are definitely NOT my style.  I did learn how much I love yoga when it is done in a way that is harmonious with who I am.

I decided at this point that I wanted to be a yoga teacher.  Some of the teachers were amazing, and some didn’t quite tickle my fancy.  I felt that my energy leading a class would be exactly what those seeking more of a meditative/spiritual experience would enjoy.  After talking with my friend who was doing training, following his advice and my own research, I settled on the styles that I want to train in, and found schools to facilitate my learning.

Last summer, I attended a weekend workshop at the main school I wanted to do training at, and I fell in love with Kripalu Yoga, the school, and the city/community the school is located in.  Kripalu is EVERYTHING my higher self told me it would be and more.  I promptly upon returning home sent in my application and deposit.  A week and half later, I received an email saying that I’d been accepted for the fall 200-hr intensive.  So, I started saving my money.  When the fall session came about, I did not have enough saved up to pay for the training, so I changed my slot to the spring 2013 session.  For Christmas, my brother gave me 20% of what I needed as a gift, getting me much closer.  However, my financial situation did not stay as abundant as I had planned, which brings this story to current date.

The Situation…

My financial situation has me in a place where I can make ends me, yet no more.  So, I am turning to you, my beloved readers for help.  Sometimes you just have to let go, and ask for help.  So last night, I asked God, the masters, the angels, and my higher self for help, and I was guided to put out a call to the wonderful people who read this blog.  Please, help me realize a dream, that will begin the snowball that turns my life into everything I dream of and more.  Below is “Donation” button that makes it easy to donate money to my paypal so that I can make this happen.  I feel like I am truly ready, and this spring 2013 is the best time for me to plant the seeds of my future.

Whether you can donate or not, Please help me by reblogging this so it may reach the greatest amount of people possible.

OmManiPadmeHumThank you 1000x for your generosity.

Namaste.  🙂


new Kaminanda… simply amazing. January 16, 2013

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Cheers to 2013! January 1, 2013

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Blessings to all in 2013.

May your dreams and desires that are in alignment
with your highest self and the divine plan
manifest into your life this year.

My beliefs of this year are totally tops,
I can hardly wait to see what awesomeness
comes to pass.

Love and Light be with you.