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When you change your thought patterns you change your life experiences January 20, 2013

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Jesus through John

Awareness of the oneness of humanity is growing rapidly as more and more people get together in groups socially to help one another and to develop new ways to interact, share ideas, and start creative ventures that will benefit all involved.  As all are one, it is absolutely impossible for you not to affect all of humanity with every thought, word, or action that you engage in.  It is often unlikely to be directly apparent to you because the effect you are having may be occurring not locally but in a different part of the world altogether, so you need to realize that everything with which you engage in any way at all has far-reaching consequences.  Therefore the responsibilities that you all share to be loving, kind, generous, compassionate, and forgiving in every situation must be understood and honored.

In other words, if you dwell on some wrong that you…

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An enormous shift in your awareness has just occurred January 11, 2013

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Jesus through John

Life is a golden opportunity, it is an invitation from God our Father to participate eternally in the divine creative process, and it is an invitation that all sentient beings accepted – instantly.  Those of you on the Earth plane chose to experience an unreal state of existence separated from your divine Source by imagining the illusion and then supporting it.  Separation from God and from the oneness that He created is quite impossible, but an experience of separation is possible and that is what you have been undergoing.  It appears to have been ongoing for eons, but that is part of the illusion that you call time.  All of God’s children are beings of immense power, a power that is completely unimaginable to you in the severely restricted state of consciousness that you have chosen for yourselves.  When you entered into that state it was in truth for but…

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Jesus responds to John January 3, 2013

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Jesus through John

[I have used a different format for today’s message, because it is a conversation between us. And there is no audio version because my voice has failed, temporarily.]

Jesus Blog # 112 for Wednesday 1/2/13.

Friday December 28th 2012 15.50.

John: Good afternoon, dear Jesus.  Well, as you must be very well aware, there is a great sense of disappointment, not to mention anger, because nothing of note seems to have happened that could be described as the start of a New Age or an awakening into full consciousness.  I, too was disappointed – there were, we understood, to be NO disappointments.  So, where do we go from here?

Are we all just accessing a collective illusory consciousness dreamed up by wishful-thinkers who are very disillusioned with life on Earth and hoping for something better, or what?  Please offer something to inspire and uplift me/us, if that can be…

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It all comes down to surrender December 2, 2012

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Jesus through John

You are on the verge of enormous changes in how you experience existence which will bring you great happiness and contentment. You have been holding the intent for this moment through an extremely long series of human incarnations, while you have been learning the necessary lessons that are allowing you to release the unreal but very damaging aspects of yourselves that have chained you to the illusion. It has literally been a very punishing experience, but the lessons that you chose to learn have been well learned, and you now know that the path Home is the path of unconditional Love. Learning that was not easy, but you have persevered and, with limitless assistance from those in the spiritual realms, you have succeeded.

When you live in fear and feel surrounded by painful and apparently life-threatening circumstances it is extremely difficult to believe that to follow a path paved with…

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This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down. . . November 28, 2012

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Jesus through John

The last stage in your journey of awakening is beginning as you move down the final stretch on your path home.  It has so far been a very grueling experience, but that is all about to change as you sweep downhill towards the finish. Enormous amounts of spiritual energy have been released into your energy fields to assist you, as the numbers of you meditating and praying with the intent for humanity to awaken continue to increase.  This should help you strengthen your inner confidence in God’s plan for humanity, while providing you with a sense of peace and serenity as you look forward with keen anticipation to your moment of awakening.

It is going to happen, so let go of your doubts, or ask your guides and angels to strengthen your faith, and they will.  This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down through the remaining…

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And of course you cannot agree on what is right! November 24, 2012

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Jesus through John

To awaken is the right and the destiny of every sentient being, and it is God’s Will that all awaken.  The illusion has brought much pain and suffering into your hearts over the many lifetimes you have chosen to undergo experiences within it.  You do not need to continue engaging with it, because it is an invention of your collective minds, and it is they that provide its maintenance and support.  The opportunity is constantly being presented through which you can abandon it and move forwards into your fully conscious and awakened state.

Many are now helping to change the collective perception that maintains it unquestioningly.  The time has come for your unawareness of its unreality to dissolve.  The phrase “You create your own reality” has been bandied about for the last thirty or forty years, falling in and out of favor as fashions and the seasons change, but that…

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Love is the answer to all of humanity’s problems October 24, 2012

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Jesus through John

The loving intent that each member of humanity has always held and cherished deep within themselves is growing and intensifying very rapidly indeed as more and more of you plug into the energy field of divine Love that envelops you.  Its expansion and general acceptance has been planned for a very long time, and to see it, as it were, “take off” is most uplifting and exhilarating, as we watch over you with love and joy from our sphere of influence within the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms naturally include the “bubble” that contains your illusory environment, and that bubble has been floating around here ever since you conceived of it, entered into it, and chose to switch off your ability to perceive the realms outside it.

Loving assistance has always been on offer to you, but for a very long time indeed you chose to go your own rather…

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