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Mexican news news report on today’s solar eclipse/reboot of the grid (with english subs) May 20, 2012

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Today is the day; this is the time! OPERATION PHOENIX – May 20 – Grid Reboot


Spiritual significance of Solar Eclipses, as well as time table for today’s eclipse…

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Spiritual Importance of Solar Eclipse

At the time of Solar Eclipse, meditating on Sun strengthens internal powers of Sun. Sun is the factor planet of self confidence, father and energy power. Chanting of Surya Mantra on the day of Solar Eclipse, increases the self confidence of a person. The internal powers can be easily strengthened by doing Yoga During Solar Eclipse.

The literal meaning of Eclipse is acceptance, to absorb or take in. Inculcating the light of knowledge within oneself is really useful, during this period of time. To remove anger, jealousy, and such types of darkness, on the day of Solar Eclipse Divine worship, ritual prayers are performed, after the Eclipse salvation period.

Religious Importance of Solar Eclipse

In the period of Solar Eclipse due to the rule of inauspicious (Sutak) time, all worship, ritual works, charity etc. should be done after Solar Eclipse. And at the mid of Eclipse time, chanting of mantras, meditation, religious work can be done. In the modern era, as per the intellectuals there is no such significant justification of this work of mediation, etc.

The birth of such concept is a result of today’s business minded approach for life. The increasing greed has made humans selfish to a large extent. A person today does not spend time in doing a work which doesn’t benefit him. And, in case he use his time in such a work, then after completion of the task, he lays down his wishes and conditions to be fulfilled. In such a situation, it would be doubtful to know how much can works like meditation and charity can pay you.

Looking at the other aspect of this work, we find that for selfishness only, at least a person spend some time in spiritual activities and mediation. For some moments only, he tries doing a good work.

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Solar Eclipse – Science and Spirituality

Time of solar eclipse in IST for 15 january 2010 – From 9:35 AM to 3:58 PM in CapricornFew facts about Eclipse-

* Mention of eclipse is found in Rig veda , Valmiki Ramayana and Mahabharata.

* We can witness many Chandra Grahans (Lunar Eclipses), but Surya Grahans (Solar Eclipses) are very rare. Because the moon orbits the Earth at an angle, approximately 5 degrees relative to the Earth-sun plane, the moon crosses the Earth’s orbital plane only twice a year.As per the science also, Lunar Eclipse has very less effects on living beings but Solar Eclipse significantly affects the living world.

* The sun eclipse happens only with new moon and moon eclipse happens at moonless night.

* During Surya Grahan, Sun losses all his energy during Grahan and regains his lost energy and gathers the whole cosmic energy after the Grahan.The time to regain energy can be long sometimes and depends on type of eclipse.

* The effects of a Total Solar Eclipse last from 3 months to 3.5 years.The changes to be felt can take 6 months.

* Eclipses are of four types – total, annular, hybrid and partial.

* Esoterically, Lunar and Solar Eclipse actually amplify the energy of the Signs they are in at that time many folds and then they are capable of manifesting and unveiling things those remain hidden as they open up the gates of our consciousness in accordance with the astrological significance.

* The eclipse is bound to bring a change and change is necessary for growth.The time of the eclipse is considered auspicious as this the time which is appropriate celestially to reevaluate our decisions, make adjustments, introspection, strive for balance and to plan for the future and to achieve the impossible and difficult goals with ease.

Time table worldwide

The eclipse starts in one location and ends in another, the times below are for visibility for any location on earth.

Event UTC Time Time in Orlando*
First location to see partial eclipse begins May 20 at 8:56 PM May 20 at 4:56 PM
First location to see full Eclipse begins May 20 at 10:06 PM May 20 at 6:06 PM
Maximum Eclipse May 20 at 11:54 PM May 20 at 7:54 PM
Last location to see full Eclipse ends May 21 at 1:39 AM May 20 at 9:39 PM
Last location to see partial Eclipse ends May 21 at 2:49 AM May 20 at 10:49 PM

Reboot of the Grid: Guided Visualization for May 20th/21st, 2012

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