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Mercury Retrograde – Nov 6th to Nov 26th November 5, 2012

November 6 to Novemeber 26th

Retrograde:  11/06 at 6:04 pm EST  (Election Day in USA)
Direct:  11/26 at 5:48 EST
Release: 12/13  (also the day of the New Moon)

Those most effected by Mercury Retrograde:
Virgos and Geminis  (Sun sign and Rising Sign)

Mercury rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, reading, editing, researching, negotiating, selling, and buying. Mercury also rules all formal contracts and agreements, as well as important documents such as book manuscripts or term papers, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, and so forth. Included under this planet’s domain are all types of code, including computer codes, as well as transportation, shipping, and travel. When this planet retrogrades, these areas tend to get scrambled or spin out of control. Why does this happen? When a planet retrogrades, astrologically it is in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury naps, the activities that it governs don’t have the benefit of a well-functioning, wide-awake planet to supervise them. Expect a certain degree of pandemonium to ensue!(1)

I wrote a whole blog on this back in July (Mercury Retrograde – July 15 to Aug 8), seeing as its a subject that I find very important, not just because I’m a Virgo that lives with a Gemini, and I was born during a retrograde, because its something that even the most 3-D person can take a look and realize that these time periods always seem to have a similar effect on everyone.

Btw, there’s a Full Solar Eclipse on 11/14, and a partial Lunar Eclipse on 11/28.  links to previously written info below…
Blog about spiritual significance of Lunar Eclipses
Blog about spiritual significance of Solar Eclipses

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

Mercury goes retrograde and the traditional advice is “Don’t travel”“Don’t sign contracts”“Don’t marry” or “Don’t look at your computer or it will blow up!” But the whole Mercury retrograde cycle actually lasts eight weeks and happens three times, sometimes even four times in a year! That’s a long time to hide under the duvet and a real waste of a truly magical time. Mercury generally zips between two worlds, or rather, the two hemispheres of our brain. So during the retrograde period it is like Mercury has gone down into the Underworld. In the realm closer to spirit we become more right-brain orientated. It is dark, so other senses are heightened. We will feel extra sensitive here, psychic even. Everything will seem hyper-real… you will notice things you had overlooked before. This will prompt you to re-evaluate, renovate, re-invent, re-form, and reinvent. It’s true you might have to redo things, because Mercury will hit the same degree three times, but what this transit won’t let you do is to go into autopilot.

There are danger spots though. When Mercury is stationing retrograde we are at the wobbly stage where we are likely to slip up, make mistakes, and misread another’s communications. But once we are over the threshold and into the Underworld, we can safely go about out business knowing we are in another realm. The same goes for when it is stationing direct – give our brain a few days to adjust back to solar thinking. Whichever houses Mercury retrogrades in, will be your Underworld zone. Here you will question everything. It will make you jittery about signing contracts, because you will be constantly thinking, “Is this what I really want?”. Before the retrograde, is a good time to finish off those Solar left-brain projects and gather information to bring down into your cave at its retrograde point. Then you can slow things down, let yourself be taken into other dimensions, try on different filters, experiment, shine a light on your demons, then recharge and reboot.(2)
(1)Miller, Susan (2012-04-17). SUSAN MILLER THE YEAR AHEAD 2012 AND BEYOND (Kindle Locations 6603-6609). America Direct Book Service. Kindle Edition.
(2)Excerpt from http://darkstarastrology.com/mercury-retrograde/


Adding some spiritual meaning to June 4th’s lunar eclipse June 3, 2012

ImageFull Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius – June 2012

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We jump start June with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday June 4, 2012 at 7:11am EDT (4:11am PDT). This Full Moon is shadowed by a Lunar Eclipse, diminishing the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius influence. The Lunar Eclipse combined with the Full Moon illuminates endings. This influence will be with us for up to six months. It’s time to let go of the old dreams before pursuing new ones.

With the Lunar Eclipse you may experience emotional highs and lows. Eclipses tend to speed up resolving issues, facing challenges, and thrusting us to the next step. The Full Moon gives us the extra burst of energy needed to break through barriers and limitations. The desire for change has been sitting within for some time now. And the Full Moon illuminates the path ahead. Emotions during a Full Moon tend to be raw and untamed. This surge of energy can spur healthy action, or feelings of restless and frustration.

Staying focused on what is most important to you, and where you’re Creator is directing you is the key to riding the tide of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Observe yourself and your situation without judgment, remaining open to possibilities that seem far fetched. Most importantly be flexible towards releasing expectations and false beliefs that lead to frustration or disappointments.

With every Full Moon there is a need to seek balance between the moon (Sagittarius) and the sun (Gemini). When the sun and moon are in opposition there is a tug or war. It begins within us and radiates outward. Beware of the inner turmoil so you avoid projecting your insecurities, doubts, fears, or frustrations onto others.

Reclaim your power by using affirmations, meditation, exercise, yoga, or spending time in nature to help you work through transitions and stay grounded. There is a great reservoir of strength and courage within you. Call upon your guides, God, and any beings to help you heal and move forward. Allow the Lunar Eclipse to rinse away the past, while the Full Moon in Sagittarius reveals what false beliefs need to be resolved. Use this time to break through the undesirable patterns that keep you from manifesting what you want.


The Eclipse of the Moon

The eclipse of the Moon, when the light of the Moon mysteriously darkens at the luminous height of a Full Moon, has traditionally been viewed as a bad omen. It can awaken distinctly irrational responses. Since the Moon governs domestic matters, the public and the emotional personality, rather than leadership, it tends to have a more personal effect than the solar eclipse, which plays a more outward, even political, role.

As a rule, women and family are generally more affected by the lunar cycle, whereas men and politics are signified by the solar. This is not to say that women are not political animals, nor that men are distinct from the family, but that the private, nurturing side is more affected than the public, social and media driven arena, which even in the 21st Century is still primarily dominated by males, or at least by what might be described as masculine energies.

Hindu perspective

Spiritual significance of an eclipse

Spiritual research has shown that in the case of all eclipses there is a rise in the Raja-Tama and a reduction in the Sattva component. This rise in Raja-Tama has many detrimental side-effects at a subtle (intangible) level which may not be noticeable in the physical plane initially. However these Raja-Tama laden conditions are made use of by ghosts to harm society.

Due to the Sun being obscured by a subtle barrier in front of the gross or subtle Sun during an eclipse, there are two significant spiritual impacts:

  • The environment becomes conducive for negative energies to amass black energy. Black energy is a type of spiritual energy that is the primary weapon of attack of ghosts.
  • The environment is most conducive for negative energies to utilise their black energy to harm humankind during the period of the eclipse as well as to sow the seeds of destruction of humankind.

Why is there an increase in Raja-Tama with an eclipse?

The increased Raja-Tama happens due to two reasons:

  • In the case of physical eclipses, the reason for increased Raja-Tama is due to the fact that during an eclipse the light from the Sun or the Moon is obstructed even before it reaches the Earth. This darkness is an anomaly in the general cycle of day and night wherein a period that should have been in light is now in darkness. In fact, the spiritually detrimental effect of the phenomenon of night is equivalent to just 2% as that of an eclipse. This is insofar as the negative energies’ ability to use the darkness and its resulting increase in Raja-Tama to harm society.
  • In the case of a subtle eclipse, a higher order of ghosts creates a black negative energy barrier between the Sun and the Earth and also directly attacks the subtle Sun. This obstruction again causes an increase in Raja-Tama.



Couple perspectives on tonight’s lunar eclipse

Cosmically action packed times! Here is the gathered download for the upcoming FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE happening on June 4th, 2012!

From April Elliot Kent from Mooncircles.com:

“Here is what happens during a lunar eclipse: the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, blocking it from reflecting the Sun’s light….”

“Similarly, at a lunar eclipse our ability to transmit and receive light – to channel and midwife divine inspiration – is trumped by the impulses of pure worldliness. Sometimes, it’s the worldliness of physical disease or limitation that casts a long shadow; other times, the pain of Earthly need and loss.”

“…What happens on the outside, in your outer life, is a little different each time – but the thing that’s touched inside of you is exactly the same. At the lunar eclipse, an antidote to these earthly difficulties seems to lie in the celebration of Earth’s healing, stabilizing powers…”

“At this lunar eclipse, there is something in you that longs to connect more deeply with the Earth, to drink from her cool waters and lay your head upon her sweet grass. Some long-ago pain has reared up and sent you packing, returning home to mother Earth for solace.”

“As you gaze up at the half-bitten Moon, know that the Earth is offering you something, some smooth block of marble, a piece of wood, a section of clay. Open your instinctive mind, and ask yourself: What is it that wants to be brought into being? And what is the right tool with which to carve it out?”

© April Elliot KentAll rights reserved

From Julia Bondi at Mooncircles.com:

“We are in the time of the great turning. This lunar eclipse of Gemini/Sagittarius is a moment in which we can attune our minds to this momentous turning. If we choose to separate at this time for even hours or a day from the noise of everyday life, work and thinking, from projection, opinion and argument, we can sense this shift; we can hear it and we can feel this mental awakening.”

“The collective mind of humanity is turning, realizing, recognizing, and a glimmer of fresh awareness is flashing in human consciousness…”

“…Our current, rational Gemini minds are beginning to comprehend the necessity to enlighten our eyes by selecting what we see and to enlighten our ears to understand what we hear.”

“This new seeing and listening must come through a filter available only through the mature, spiritual, wise, higher mind – the intuitive, divine, Sagittarian mind whose foundation is unity, natural law (that which we all may perceive directly) and love. For as the Gemini twins in the sky are bound together – their fates and futures one, so too are we bound together on this planet rising or falling together as one Aquarian humanity.”

“When we join together in loving recognition of our universal link we will naturally evolve the creative Aquarian solutions for our survival, freedom and happiness through a renewed marriage of our rational Gemini minds guided by our intuitive Sagittarian minds.”

© Julia Bondi All rights reserved


Astrological and spiritual perspectives on June 2012, and the Lunar Eclipse on the 4th June 2, 2012

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From the always awesome Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
ImageThe month of June 2012 is bustling with activity…It is a time where we close a symbolic door and contribute to an ending of a chapter in our lives.”

“…Tides within the emotional level may run high and low. Is is wise to ‘cleanse’ and re-balance now. Eclipse energy tends to symbolically “quicken” issues, situations and event as well as propels people towards the next step.”

“With the Lunar Eclipse it involves ‘ illuminating endings’ combined with Full Moon which is ‘culmination’ we have potent energy to “let go.” And this wave can continue from the day of the Lunar Eclipse for up to six months afterwards.”

“The Sun (in Gemini) and the Moon (in Sagittarius) are in a ‘opposition’ to one another. This represents we must come to terms with a conflict or something that we are in the midst of a ‘tug of war’ with. It begins within the mind and a single perception can help move energy.”

 “A rare delight that happens right after the Lunar Eclipse on June 4th/ 5th, 2012. It is the ‘Venus Transit’ where Venus conjuncts the Sun and crosses the face of it. This type of ‘Venus Transit’ occurred back in 2004 in the sign of Gemini and will not happen again until 2117…”
 “At the time of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse; there is a mutable T-square’ aspect that involves Sun/Moon, Venus retrograde and Mars in Virgo. This symbolism suggests high-strung energy that is driving each to let go and move on.”
 “It is possible for major bickering, emotional upsets, irritations and arguments to break out over misunderstandings now. Some relationships or situations may abruptly come to an end for others, it is the final closure….”
 “The potential is to be flexible towards letting go of perceptions and false beliefs that generate inner tension and frustrations. How do you let go of disappointments and unrealistic expectations? Realize you are responsible for your processing, perception and emotions about the issue or situation.”
 “Reclaim your power by getting centered and realigned with your Wisdom Self/Soul. Meditation, yoga, taking a walk in Nature can all be helpful now. Relax and let go. Accept and move forward. Forgive and Heal. Allow the Lunar Eclipse to help ‘wash away the past.’”
© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved

Info on the lunar eclipse on Monday (morning), June 4th

Information about the partial lunar eclipse
on Monday, 4th June 2012

(only visible in the area of the Pacific Ocean)

Easily explained
During a lunar eclipse, the moon moves through the shadow of the Earth. Which means, that the Earth is positioned quite exactly between the Sun and Moon and casts its shadow onto the Moon. This is only possible at full moon and if some other requirements are met. Depending on whether the Moon passes the partial or the core shadow of the Earth, we speak of a partial or total lunar eclipse.

The copper-coloured moon
When the Moon touches the shadow of the Earth, the respective areas of the Moon’s surface begin to darken and then start to change colour to copper red. For this lunar eclipse, this will be approx. 37 % of the Moon’s surface. The section that will not be covered by the shadow remains bright.

About the visibility
This partial lunar eclipse will only be visible in countries around the Pacific Ocean, like East Asia, Australia, Hawaii or the West Coast of North America. It can’t be seen in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and neither in major parts of America.

• Europe: not visible
• Africa: not visible
• Middle East: not visible
• Asia: only visible in eastern countries
• Australia: visible
• America: only visible on the West Coast

The exact moment of the partial lunar eclipse in Universal Time is:
Monday, 4th Juni 2012, 11:03:13 am (UTC)


The exact moment of the partial lunar eclipse in Los Angeles is:
Monday, 4th Juni 2012, 04:03:13 am (PDT)

Here is the exact process with times:
• Moon rise: Sunday, 08:36 pm (PDT)
• Beginning of the partial eclipse: Monday, 02:59 am (PDT)
• Maximum of the partial eclipse: Monday, 04:03 am (PDT)
• Full moon: Monday, 04:11 am (PDT)
• Beginning of dawn: Monday, 04:37 am (PDT)
• End of the partial eclipse: Monday, 05:07 am (PDT)
• Moon set: Monday, 05:53 am (PDT)


The Lunar Eclipse & Venus Transit of 2012


The remarkable astronomical transits of May continue into the month of June with the historic Venus Transit traveling across the face of the Sun. This will be preceded by a Lunar Eclipse. The partially eclipsed Full Moon forms a mutable T-square involving the Sun, Venus and Mars, giving great opportunity to heal gender issues and relationships of every type.  


Days immediately following the Lunar Eclipse, June 5-6, we will experience a rare and spectacular event known as the Venus Transit. This is essentially an eclipse, however, instead of the moon coming between the Earth and the Sun it is the planet Venus. As the basis of the Mayan “Long Count Calendar”, the Venus Transit is regarded by many as the celestial signal that the “Great Transformation of the Closing of the Cycle” has begun. 


As the blended radiations of the Sun and Venus make their way into the Earth’s electromagnetic field, it weaves the energies of illuminating love and unity into mass consciousness. This is a profound catapulting force and opportunity for mass healing, transcendance of 3d sexual attitudes and the integration of gender polarities.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ~ Monday, June 4

The Planetary Grid Transmissions… 
as synchronized with the Amazon Transmissions!

Our Unified Focus:
  • Transcending “Personality Love”
  • Transcending Sexual Desire and Control Patterns  
  • Transmuting the Distorted Sexual Imprint    
  • Transcending Gender Identification 
Through the influence of the culminating cycle of the Venus Transit, together with these incoming stellar light frequencies, we are being greatly assisted, energetically and structurally, to reunite with our wholeness as an Androgynous Being in union with our Source of Life.


It is from this reintegrated wholeness that we are able to interpret information from the levels of Omnipresence Oneness in a manner that will raise us collectively into infinitely powerful and incredibly loving beings of tremendous wisdom. As we incorporate this new programming, we will operate more deeply and confidently from a balanced and magnificent mantle of Cosmic Love, Cosmic Wisdom and Cosmic Power.  

We simultaneously give great service to Mother Earth, our galaxy and the entire universe. Through our willingness to completely remove the holographic imprint of separation from our own personal vehicles, we help to transmute gender division and its distortions from the macro levels including war and conflict, hatred, victimhood, suppression, control and sexual abuse; to name a few.


We are revealing a completely new way of relating in which each person operates as a sovereign entity, fully balanced and centered from within. This attitude of conscious living serves as a precursor to the emergence of sacred relationships with any and all others who are also operating from this high level attunement.   

Transcending “Personality Love”

Through these celestial alignments in May-June, 2012, we are greatly supported by the surging forces of incomprehensible Love from the Galactic Center. 
These omnipotent cohesive forces are spawning a transformative process of the desire nature, or conditional love from the personality nature, linking us up with the greater magnetism of the love aspect on the buddhic plane, the plane of unity. 

Transcending Sexual Desire and Control Patterns 

It is during this phase that many of us may now transcend physical sexual desire and any related dysfunction. This especially concerns the force which brings about the physical merging as a result of our responses to the body’s animal nature. These are acts of sexual sensory pleasure, self-oriented sexual control, sexual abuse and imbalanced emotional patterns as a result of the sexual identity and appetite.  
This is not to say that celibacy is required for ascension. It is the addiction to sexual relating as a pleasure seeking desire or as a barrier to self love that is to be examined.  It is the qualifying intention that determines the vibration of the sexual intimacy.
Both sexes strongly identify with the sexual centers, the genitals, which becomes the primary driving force behind existence. We are conditioned to believe in the need to express ourselves from our gender identification and sexuality for pleasure. This is another great illusion of our attachment to the senses.
Many of us are still embarrassed or carry self worth issues around our bodies and especially in our nakedness to others. Our egos have caused us to judge ourselves and others based on the size and function of our sexual centers and the overall sexual desirability of our bodies. As a result, we criticize the perfection of God’s Design.
Here are some key questions that we may ask ourselves…
  • Are you the master of your sexuality…or is it the master of you?            
  • Does your sexuality serve a selfish purpose or a selfless purpose? 
  • Does the flow of your sexuality serve the lower self… or the Higher Self? In other words… does your sexuality serve love and intimacy or just materialistic animal pleasure?
  • Is your sexuality being used for the raising of your kundalini and brain illumination or just for a second chakra release? 
  • Do you feel embarrassed or ugly to be naked in front of others? 
  • Do you judge your body’s genitals ..  or your ability to engage in sexual intimacy?

Sexuality was created by God as an act of procreation and designed to be enjoyed as a communication device within the service of love. When used in service of the Higher Self, it becomes a most sacred consecration.
As we expand beyond our physical senses, we begin to experience the infinite bliss that is available to us through our connection to God. New meanings of intimacy will emerge as we embody more and more light and our sexuality transitions to the pure embrace of energetic union and rapture with all beings and realms of dimension.

Once we transcend the pull of the lower chakras and become the master of our three-fold personality (the physical, emotional, mental), these chakras fold up into our heart center and we become radiators of unconditional Love. Sexuality and pro-creation occurs through the divine impulse of pure thought and Divine Love as union with God Source.

Transmuting the Distorted Sexual Imprint

We are ready to transmute and transcend the misuse of sexuality as a power base in the old paradigm for both males and females. 

Women, in particular, have been carrying the record of sexual trauma and abuse for a long time, sustaining the imbalance of gendered energies on the Earth.

Transcending Gender Polarity and Identification    
For contemplation…
The Law of Gender embodies the truth that gender is manifested in everything. The masculine and feminine is ever at work on all planes of causation. On the higher planes, gender expresses through higher forms of manifestation. This law works in the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. All life forms contain the two elements of gender – masculine and feminine.
– On the great physical plane, the sexes of all species are manifested as male and female and they each play their role in sexual reproduction.
– On the great mental plane, gender manifests as masculine and feminine energies that exist within each and every person. Every male has its female element, and every female has its male element.
– On the great spiritual plane, gender manifests as the Father-Mother principle of the Infinite Omnipresent God in whose mind the universe is conceived and firmly held. It is written, “We all live, move, and have our being within God”.  
In the Earth ascension process, the human personality achieves the merger of God, and the self is seen as neither male or female, but as one blended whole.

More info on significance of eclipses and the energies of Gemini ’12 May 27, 2012

Every 29 1/2 days we have a new moon. When we use the term “New Moon” we are only pointing out that it is at the beginning of its monthly cycle. When the moon is “new,” it rises and sets at the same time as the sun, so we cannot see it from the surface of the earth.

In Astrolosophy, the 360º path of the sun seen from the earth is called the Ecliptic. While there are more than 88 Constellations in the sky, Astrolosophy only deals with the 12 zodiac signs on the path of the sun. When you look at the word ecliptic, you can see the root of the word eclipse. The Moon, like the sun, has its on path around the earth. Sometimes the moon is 0-5º above the plane of the earth, and sometimes the moon is 0-5º below the plane of the earth.

Why is this important you ask?
When the sun’s path crosses with the moon’s path at 0º during a new moon, we have an eclipse.

Technically it is the Moon’s shadow,  the “umbra,” that is eclipsing the light from the sun. The path of the sun and the moon crossing during the new moon have to happen for any solar eclipse to take place on earth.

Annular Diagram

What is the difference between a Total Solar Eclipse and an Annular Eclipse?
Since the moon is not at perigee (as close to the earth as possible), it does not completely blot out the sun, you can still see about 10% of the sun’s disc forming a ring underneath the moon.
The Sun is roughly 400 times bigger than the moon, but since the moon is 400 times closer to the earth, it blocks out more than 90% of the sun’s surface. We can fit millions of  moons inside of the relatively small local star knows as “the sun.”

Eclipse of the East Bay

This new moon and eclipse happens right as we transition (ingress) from Taurus into Gemini, so we are dealing with three powerful releases of energy.

  • The transition of the zodiac signs (Taurus to Gemini)
  • The metaphysical impact of the new moon (The Cycle Begins Again)
  • The intense metaphysical effect of an eclipse (Sewing New Seeds on A Cosmic Scale)

The Transition

The transition from slow moving, predictable, earthy, and fixed Taurus to the nimble,  dynamic, unpredictably airy and mutable sign of Gemini is not always easy. Mercury ruled Gemini makes it look and feel easy by charging the air with creativity, desire for higher minded communications and pushes for “quick-silver” innovations to ward off the galactic enemy of Gemini, BOREDOM.

The mutable quality that Gemini represents, ends the Spring quadrant in the Northern Hemisphere by closing the circuit between the “Initiating” force of Cardinal Aries and the “stabilizing” force of Fixed Taurus by creating a Mutable space for them to co-exist for the procreation of the  next seasonal cycle.  The Spring cycle spirals through the last portion of mutable Gemini and knocks on the door of  the solstice, ruled by Cardinal Cancer.  The powerful moon deity passes the torch on to the next sign, and the cycle continues throughout the remaining signs on the zodiac ecliptic.

May 20, 2012 – May 31, 2012 at Noon

The first decan of Gemini (The first 10 days, think decimal or decade, the dec refers to portions of ten) is ruled by Mercury and will emphasize communications, creativity, traveling and commerce.

May 31, 2012 at Noon – June 10

The second decan is ruled by the next Air sign of the zodiac, Libra with its cardinal quality and Venusian influence. Venus is currently in retrograde, but she will be transiting in front of the sun starting June 5th. This period will emphasize rebirth in:  justice, love, ethics and the re-evaluation on all things concerning love, affection, beauty and partnerships of ANY KIND.

June 10, 2012 – June 21st 2012.

The third decan is ruled by the last Air sign of the Zodiac, Aquarius and its influencing planet Uranus and its fixed quality. Many  think that Aquarius is a water sign because they are the “water bearer,” but they are in fact an intellectual Air sign, and they influence this last 10 day cycle of Gemini with their high ideals for humanity in a cool detached manner. The Aquarian influence can increase Gemini’s eccentric effect on all of us. This can mean moments when people simply, “don’t get it,” or moments of sheer genius that most mortals on earth just can’t comprehend.

New Moon Cycle 

This is the beginning of our monthly biorhythm cycle. The Moon rises in conjunction with the sun, but within three and a half days, the moon pulls about 45 degrees ahead of the sun. This is a great time of renewal. A time to write down what you wish to accomplish in the month ahead. This is a great opportunity to spend time with siblings and family or friends that are like siblings.

The entire article can be found on astrolosophy.net