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Its Just a Ride January 26, 2013

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Source of Inspiration

Quantum physics says our expectations
affect the outcome. This is a huge
concept that is difficult to get
one’s mind around. It leaves me
feeling somehow responsible for
everything within my world. “We
create our own realities,” is the
theme song of the day. While there
is some validity to this, it does
not take into account the other
seven billion people also contributing
to my world.

So where do I go from here? Did I
create wars, greed, indifference
that we see so widespread? No, but
I have contributed to the imbalance
in the world by not acting in a loving
way at times. I say that I want world
peace but argue with a sibling or
neighbor. I say I want everyone to
have their basic needs met, yet ignore
a family in crisis. Each act that I do
or fail to do has an impact I must

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