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Up and Down January 9, 2013

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The cycles of life
are everywhere.
It is the same with
our moods. Some days
we love life, problems
seem like interesting
challenges. We see others
with eyes of compassion.
We seem invincible. We are

Then the cycle turns and
starts its normal decent
and we are plagued with
woe! We notice the mole
with a hair on our friend,
our head aches, life seems
endless and hopeless.

Those whose experience has
shown these cycles learn
to prepare for the downward
times. I do not plan a
sit-down dinner for twelve,
start a diet, or offer to
keep my neighbor’s kids.
Instead, I either schedule
time to be with friends
who make me laugh, or spend the
time alone doing things I enjoy.

Life has its ups and downs. It
would be wise to accept this,
do what one can to maintain
equilibrium. I remind myself,
“This, too, shall…

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