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It is no longer a matter wondering. – channeled by Ron Head January 27, 2013

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beach3AA Michael

We will speak with you today about the rising tide of which almost all of you who work with and for the light are becoming aware.

This is something which we have mentioned a while ago, but which, as it was not quite so obvious, even the most sensitive of you had to take on faith.  Lately it has been growing day by day, and at such a rate that those who meditate or perhaps have a daily prayer practice, and even those who spend much time communing with your dear planet, are feeling and seeing, even feeling , unmistakably.

For those who have stayed the course, it is no longer a matter wondering if something is happening or not.  Even the most ardent of you had moments of that kind of thinking prior to now.  As you move deeper and deeper into the uplifting energies, you will know beyond doubt that, at least for yourselves, ascension is indeed in progress.  But know this also, brothers and sisters.  The energy which is producing such profound change in your own bodies, and here we mean to reference your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, is also embracing each and every other being in its path.  There is no escaping it.

Now, how an individual human may react to it is a matter of choice.  That is true.  But in the longer run, we promise you that far more will choose the high road than choose the low.  There is still a bit of work left for you, is there not?  But we suggest that the finding of, and healing of, the last little bits is becoming easier and easier.  There are many, many lightworkers who are now more than prepared to help each other upon the way, enough we assure you, to take care of all those who will eventually begin to turn to you for aid.

Many times you have asked, “Why me?  Why this?  Why now?”  You will begin to understand the extreme importance of the reminders of your lessons now.  We say reminders because you have traveled this path for so long that there was really very little that you had left to learn when you took on this job.  What was important, and you are accomplishing it amazingly well, was that you first clear up the huge amounts of fear, guilt, and feelings of little worth that you brought forward from other experiences.  Some of you were already so clear that you actually had to borrow some of that from others.  “Why would I do that?” you ask.  Because you are such loving beings that you decided to have the experiences you would need to do the work that you knew would be needed here.

Yes, there is a lot left to do.  But we think you will believe us now when we tell you that what you are to witness from this time forward will more than be worth the price of admission.  And what is more important, what you are experiencing within eclipses even that.  We see you striding forward in excitement and love and we are very glad that each of you got their ticket for this ride.

Call upon us for any and all help we can provide, dear hearts.  We will be with you and will speak with you again shortly.

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Easing Our Way Into 5th Dimensional Living. By, Bella Capozzi. January 27, 2013.

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Its Just a Ride January 26, 2013

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Source of Inspiration

Quantum physics says our expectations
affect the outcome. This is a huge
concept that is difficult to get
one’s mind around. It leaves me
feeling somehow responsible for
everything within my world. “We
create our own realities,” is the
theme song of the day. While there
is some validity to this, it does
not take into account the other
seven billion people also contributing
to my world.

So where do I go from here? Did I
create wars, greed, indifference
that we see so widespread? No, but
I have contributed to the imbalance
in the world by not acting in a loving
way at times. I say that I want world
peace but argue with a sibling or
neighbor. I say I want everyone to
have their basic needs met, yet ignore
a family in crisis. Each act that I do
or fail to do has an impact I must

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Imagine that!

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Owl Wisdom #18

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exactly. walk the talk. 🙂

Source of Inspiration

owl landing

It is not enough to say,
“This isn’t right.” We
must also refuse to
participate in anything
that we know to be wrong.
Integrity requires action
and is priceless.

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“Mini-Message” For The Weekend. By, Bella Capozzi. January 25, 2013. January 25, 2013

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Full Moon / Here’s looking at you Kid

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Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

The Fixed Star North-South Asellus Meaning great time for dealing with
the public and influential people… and generally getting ahead positively.

Fixed Star North South Asellus

Fixed Star North-South Asellus Meaning

Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The fixed stars known as the North and South Asellus are two stars which are read together as a team to reach a conclusion. This stormy stellar double-header releases powerful psychic energy, which if harnessed and projected calmly will guarantee success.

This is a great time for dealing with the public and influential people… and generally getting ahead with a little help from friends.  Remember that positive thoughts and actions will reap positive results and positive rewards. © Astrologer Crystal Gaze Australia

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