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21.12.2012 Jupiter & the Finger of Fate December 19, 2012

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Jupiter astrology

On 21.12.12 a rare and intense planetary configuration known as a Yod (aka “Finger of Fate” or “Finger of God”) forms between Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, enclosing the Earth in a tense and powerful gravitational force field.  Resembling an arrowhead and with Jupiter (who won’t be this close to the Earth again until 2021) at the tip, this tightly stretched configuration points a brilliant, bi-polar energy at one of the brightest fixed stars in our galaxy, Aldebaran (aka ‘the Hunter’, “Bull’s Eye”” or “Star of Illumination”).

This very old, very large ‘royal’ sun situated approximately 70 light years from Earth is the fiery eye of the constellation Taurus.  Extremely powerful, this energy illuminates the higher consciousness and releases through the trans-penetrating power of the mind… destroying all obstacles in its path.  But the key to manifesting this energy positively is integrity.  Only with courage and honesty can the limiting power…

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