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Tzolk’in Mayan Calendar Countdown December 12, 2012

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White Kundalini

Today is the 12th day in the final 20 day Kin cycle of the traditional Long Count system of the Mayan Calendar. Ending this winter solstice on December 21, 2012, the last Kin of the cycle contains the Mayan sign of Ajaw, (also Ahaw, Ajpuu, or Ahau) meaning Lord. This represents a day of complete Universal Unity. In addition to the energy signature for December 21st is tone 4 which represents the solidifying of new creations. The day after the solstice, December 22, is ruled by the sign Imix (also Imox) which represents the True Birth, where all new primal realities have truly begun manifestation.

Below is a list of each day with their tones and signs (also called glyphs) for the ending of this Mayan cycle:

Wednesday 12:12:12 = (long count day numbering)
(Galactic Tone) 8 = Balancing Justice & Harmonizing All Levels of…

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