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The Lost Children December 12, 2012

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I couldn’t have said it better myself. This lack of action and responsibility by parents is one of the reasons I didn’t become an elementary school teacher. Protect innocence, have standards, stand up for what’s right. 🙂

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The lost innocence of our children

When we hear the word innocence, most of us think of criminal behavior, guilty or innocent.  Or the off-handed and clearly misunderstood phrase “the innocence of youth”.

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But how many of you try to actively protect innocence. Sounds like a strange notion right? Our parents protected it, and their parents and so on. So why have we decided innocence is no longer important? We bombard our children with hate and death on a daily basis.  It is in their T.V shows magazines and almost all their cartoons.  We no longer show the classic, harmless Looney tunes or captain planet that I grew up with. We now promote shows such as South Park and American Dad.  These shows have no moral standing, the humor in them is all adult orientated and, quite frankly, some of it is rather disturbing.

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