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“Very Inspiring Blog” award December 8, 2012

I started this blog in April, when during a meditation an angel whispered in my ear, “the world needs you to spread your light, and share your love.”  When I asked for direction on this, my attention went to my computer, and then to a blog I’d been following via email for a couple months.  I first intended to write in it at least every other day, yet I found many times that I could not find the words to describe what I felt, or just felt that I had nothing of merit to say.  I’ve been having a real “transition” and “healing” year, so at many times, I’ve been spending a good deal of energy just figuring out what I think and feel, let alone trying to put into words for the world.  So, most of the time, I ended up reblogging inspiring material I found, and channeling of higher energies/beings that I knew to actually be those higher beings, and not just someone’s ego and imagination (or some form of “service to self”/negative entity), which is unfortunately the case more often than not.  I have a had some writings of my own, including a month long, daily series on music, and a video series called “When Music speaks for Life”, where I pick an artist and post 3 or 4 videos of songs that I feel really capture where my life, or life on this planet, is currently at.  There was at one point going to be a month long, daily series on yoga, but I decided to hold off on that until a later date (its coming sometime in 2013).  I’ve also recently decided that this blog needs to have more of “me”, or to start a separate blog for that aspect.  So, in lue of that, as of 01/01/13, this blog will be on hiatus until sometime in the spring 2013.


I’ve been nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blog award by Yoga with Maheshwari, a blog on yoga and spirituality in general.  I just recently found this blog when reading her blog on Kundalini, in my “spirituality” feed.  Thank you Maheshwari. 🙂

The rules are to thank and link back to the blogger that has nominated you.  Post the award logo to your blog.  Write a post on the nomination and nominate 15 other very inspiring bloggers.  Notify them and then tell 7 things about yourself.

As for 7 random facts about myself…

1)  I’m a bass guitar player, and a dance/meditation music producer.  I have not written any new music since my “awakening” and healing in 2011, and anything before that I have left in the past.  New projects are in the “imagination” phase.

2)  I love the beach.  Its the greatest “nature” spot there is.

3)  My favorite bands are Lotus, Perpetual Groove, and The String Cheese Incident.  My favorite producers are BT, Four Tet, and Daft Punk.

4)  My favorite styles of Yoga are Kripalu and Kundalini.

5)  I don’t own a TV, or a microwave.  I may at some point get a TV again, to watch movies.  I will never own another microwave.

6)  I don’t have a Facebook, nor will I ever have a personal account again.  I may at some point have a music page, yet even that will be run by someone else that I pay to do so.  I believe that Facebook, in conjunction with other factors, has caused us all to forget the value of person to person interaction and genuine personal connection.

7)  My favorite movies are The Lorax, K-Pax, and The Last Mimzy.

My Nominations:
Disclaimer:  I do not follow 15 blogs, so I nominated the ones I do follow.

Blue Butterflies and Me
The Angel Diaries
Oracles and Healers
Piercing the Veil of Reality
Source of Inspiration
Thrive on News
Becoming Whole Again
Indra’s Grace
Awake in Los Angeles
Opening the Gates of Christ Consciousness
Yoga with Maheshwari


3 Responses to ““Very Inspiring Blog” award”

  1. The Last Mimzy~ so special. Thank you dear one.

  2. herkimerlove Says:

    i read today on another blog, where the blogger described the same inability to write or formulate ideas into words… she called it “Brain Fog”, and its one of the many ascension symptoms. Gotta love synchronicity.

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