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Pass the conditioner / I’m not going to lie to them December 8, 2012

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while I had only psuedo participated in this “Giftmas” for the last 10 years, focusing more on the solstice and fall celebrations, I had already made the decision a couple months ago, that this will be the last year that I will be involved in any sort of gift exchange or “Christmas” related activities. This archaic and ill-founded “tradition” set will be one of the many other things that will be cleared from my life at the end of this year.

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Here it is!! That mad time of the year again!! Where we all spend money we don’t have to give presents to people who don’t really want them in the name of a religion we don’t really believe in. And we’ll all eat too much and drink too much and bitch too much with or about that family member we have unresolved stuff with.

The thing is, most of us cannot resist the urge to be conditioned. The rape of the mind. Its done through the media, through guilt, the family, schools, world-views and generations of compliance. If you ask me Constantine and his heretics have more to answer for than Hitler in the name of karma!  They changed the history of mankind and threw a spanner in the works which has thrown the whole planet off-balance and its time to take a stand.

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