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“WHICH TIMELINE IS YOURS ?” November 14, 2012

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Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

Angel of Reflection by Glenyss BourneThere is much confusion surrounding the subjects of;- ascension;- removal of the Illuninati and their negative ET allies from the Earth;- cleansing of the mother Earth;- and “Going Home” for the Starseed volunteers who have been working as “Ground Crew” for The Galactic Federation Of Light (GFL) on the Earth.

Many people believe that they will play a part in bringing about all of these end results, but this is not the case. Different timelines will result in different outcomes for the inhabitants of the Earth, dependant on what we collectively choose  and continue to choose.

Many people also cannot see how Mother Earth can possibly be cleansed, and all of the damage inflicted upon her and us, by the dark ones, put right by the 21st December 2012; now only weeks away. They are right, it is going to take years to clean up the biosphere and install new, benevolent infrastructure…

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