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And now, for some absolutely beautiful… November 28, 2012

This is the first track, 13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill, off of BT‘s 2012 album, If the Stars are Eternal So Are You and I.  This album is amazing, as is everything that BT puts out.

Here’s the article on the video…


This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down. . .

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Jesus through John

The last stage in your journey of awakening is beginning as you move down the final stretch on your path home.  It has so far been a very grueling experience, but that is all about to change as you sweep downhill towards the finish. Enormous amounts of spiritual energy have been released into your energy fields to assist you, as the numbers of you meditating and praying with the intent for humanity to awaken continue to increase.  This should help you strengthen your inner confidence in God’s plan for humanity, while providing you with a sense of peace and serenity as you look forward with keen anticipation to your moment of awakening.

It is going to happen, so let go of your doubts, or ask your guides and angels to strengthen your faith, and they will.  This is a time to cherish as the clock counts down through the remaining…

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Message From An Un-named Being Of Light. “Grant Yourself Permission To Be Happy.” By, Bella Capozzi. November 28,2012.

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Kaminanda… amazing music I discovered today… :) November 27, 2012


The December 21st Alignment by God & Gabriel~ A Message Channeled through Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 11/27/2012

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TAUK Messages


November 27, 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel. How are you this fine day?] We are splendid! May we address the subject of the December 21st alignment? [By all means, please do!] 

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Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition [Video] November 25, 2012

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Without you, the mass awakening could not happen

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Johnsmallman's Blog

The intensity of this now moment is intensifying even further as the actual moment for your awakening moves ever closer.  The excitement and enthusiasm mount, and restraint is becoming increasingly difficult because this magnificent event, which has been planned for so long, is almost upon us.  Yet, to most of you on Earth at this time, it in many ways appears to be business as usual as reports of scandals, conflicts – on many levels of society and in many areas of the world – and disasters of various kinds continue to occupy the mainstream media.

The wonderful changes that are occurring in many areas are barely noticed, let alone reported on – but that is most definitely set to change!  The changes are of a spiritual nature, but they are very visible because they are demonstrated by the changes in attitude, thought, dialogue, and behavior that have already occurred…

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And of course you cannot agree on what is right! November 24, 2012

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Jesus through John

To awaken is the right and the destiny of every sentient being, and it is God’s Will that all awaken.  The illusion has brought much pain and suffering into your hearts over the many lifetimes you have chosen to undergo experiences within it.  You do not need to continue engaging with it, because it is an invention of your collective minds, and it is they that provide its maintenance and support.  The opportunity is constantly being presented through which you can abandon it and move forwards into your fully conscious and awakened state.

Many are now helping to change the collective perception that maintains it unquestioningly.  The time has come for your unawareness of its unreality to dissolve.  The phrase “You create your own reality” has been bandied about for the last thirty or forty years, falling in and out of favor as fashions and the seasons change, but that…

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Thrive update 2013

Working towards the ways for Humanity to THRIVE!

Working towards the ways for Humanity to THRIVE!

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Source of Inspiration

For clarity, define the essence
of your work–not your job, but
your soul’s purpose. Go within
and ask, then be still to hear
your inner voice, for each of
us is called to serve. All life
is interconnected; when we help
another, we also receive. Be of
good heart for all is as it
should be according to Divine plan.

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