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Pat’s Ponderings — Manifesting Our Desires October 26, 2012

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Source of Inspiration

A friend recently wrote that her desires were being manifested so quickly that she needed to be more careful of what she was thinking. My first reaction was envy. How come my wish list is not
fulfilled as easily as hers? Am I less spiritual, less worthy somehow?

First, let me reassure myself that there are no degrees of worthiness and spirituality (whatever that is).

The whole idea that we manifest our thoughts is intriguing. It seems that we do, but not always.

Then there is the issue of asking to receive as if Source is a combination of Santa and Walmart.

Some say that we should ask only to know God’s will and for the power to carry it out. The Bible says that if we ask, we will receive.

I certainly see my wished manifesting, often in the most clever ways. But what about those that are not…

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