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Love is the answer to all of humanity’s problems October 24, 2012

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Jesus through John

The loving intent that each member of humanity has always held and cherished deep within themselves is growing and intensifying very rapidly indeed as more and more of you plug into the energy field of divine Love that envelops you.  Its expansion and general acceptance has been planned for a very long time, and to see it, as it were, “take off” is most uplifting and exhilarating, as we watch over you with love and joy from our sphere of influence within the spiritual realms. The spiritual realms naturally include the “bubble” that contains your illusory environment, and that bubble has been floating around here ever since you conceived of it, entered into it, and chose to switch off your ability to perceive the realms outside it.

Loving assistance has always been on offer to you, but for a very long time indeed you chose to go your own rather…

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