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Beauty Gone Mad September 15, 2012

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coudln’t agree more… 🙂

Source of Inspiration

Comb your tresses
Free your curls
Samson’s hair, his source of power
Our hair senses that which we
can not see. It is a symbol of
sexuality, protest, strength.

We perm it, paint it, straighten
it, curl it, spend vast amounts
of money on it in a lifetime.
We cover it, flaunt it and
wail when it disappears. Yet,
seldom do we just let it be
what it naturally is.

What if we quit buying all
“beauty” products and used
that money to feed children
who are dying of hunger? What
if we valued the bodies God gave
us just as they are? No jewels,
high heels, tight ties, no lipstick,
perfume, nail polish, razors, scissors,
costly clothes.

Just me, just you,
Just them, just we.

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