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What effect is the music you listen to having? September 14, 2012

These are pictures from experiments done by Masaru Emoto. He takes the water, exposes it to a thought, words, prayer, music, ect… then freezes it and takes pictures of the individual molecules. The pictures speak volumes without ever reading any of the research.




I have my preferences on music for sure.  I’m not going to judge any type of music as “good” or “bad”, whether I like it or not.  Yet, when you look at this, what does it say to you?  What does the music you listen to do to the water that makes up 70% of your body, and 80% of your brain?  What does the music you listen to do to the environment around you?  To other people?  Think about it the next time you’re blasting it from the speakers of your car…

Here’s an article that talks about the effects of certain types of music on rats, Emoto’s experiments with music, music & culture, and the power of music in general.  Definitely worth a read.  Crippling Rhythms and Murderous Mice


19 Responses to “What effect is the music you listen to having?”

  1. Julianna Says:

    Emotos’ work is amazing – fun to see it here! Right, and it’s not just the music, but our words and thoughts, and all that jazz…

    • herkimerlove Says:

      Oh, for sure. I totally understand the power of thoughts and words… and that was kind of the unspoken message. I was really trying to drive the point of the effects of the vibrations that come across through music, just the instrumental part. Its a subject that over the years I’ve talked with many musicians and music lovers, and yet very few have given much thought to it. People just keep hitting “play” not realizing or thinking about what they are putting out into the world around them, or into the cells of their bodies. Plus, there certain types of music that… metal, most rap, some others… that when looked at this way, are a poison, even if for some reason there exists a liking for it.

      • Julianna Says:

        Oh, you’re making me smile here! Have you read The World in Six Songs? Or there’s another one by the same author – both are along these lines, at least to some extent. I couldn’t agree with you more about the vibration of rap and metal – although I can see their place, in that kids/people who are holding that vibration themselves find something to truly ‘resonate’ with. I do believe that these types of music could actually do something to still ‘speak’ to their audience, but actually have their music not be so toxic at a cellular level (major chords instead of minor?? I don’t know enough about music to know how to get there – just that it must be possible if someone cared enough to try). I’m curious that the musicians you’ve talked to have never thought of it. I am actually very passionate myself about how music could shift a collective consciousness, considering how frequently and deeply so many connect to music. Okay, wait, enough from me on this. Clearly you hit a hot topic for me! Best to you, and I’m sending waves of beautiful vibrations your way!

        • herkimerlove Says:

          Have not read those books… have heard about The World in Six Songs, maybe I’ll check it out soon.

          I do understand how some music makes its way into the world… i mean, it wouldn’t be made, or get popular, if it didn’t resonate with the artist and people who listen. Yet, people like mcdonald’s and pizza hut, and they make lots of money, doesn’t mean that food is basically poison to the human body. Rap could be made so that it is uplifting and conscious, yet the rapper and the producer would have to be that themselves. I don’t think that musically metal could be made to send out a harmonious vibration, not saying it isn’t possible… yet most musicians I know that start out playing metal and “heavy” music, that become more conscious, usually steer away from that and “mellow out.” There’s this thing called “harmony” and “melody”…

          I truly believe that music can and does change the world. That’s why I wish SO DEEPLY, that people would really start thinking more about the music they listen to and blast out their car windows. Music is creation in vibrational form, so any music has an effect on everything it comes in contact with. If everyone started listening to classical, uplifting trance and ddm, tribal music, eastern music, and melodic (positive lyric) rock, to name a few, the world would be a different place faster than we can imagine.

          And the music kids listen to… Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus (I’m now showing how long its been since I’ve been in touch with society)? I wish my parents would’ve turned off and gotten rid of half (or more) of the garbage I listened to when I was teenager and younger….

          Hot topic… um yea, like the Sun… 🙂

          • Julianna Says:

            Yes, I see we could go on about this for awhile! 🙂 Seems like we’re on the same page about most of this…what do you think, though, if the lyrics of metal were to change, and the vibration of the musicians and their intent were to change? I guess that’s what you were suggesting with rap, and I for some reason think even metal could achieve this. We could call it up-metal (uplifting) or some such. I giving away my mission/dream in life right now, but I am deeply interested in being part of such a musical revolution. Funny though – I don’t put it on the public to change what they listen to (because I don’t think that many people are that conscious about it all) – but rather, what if a handful of artists (pop, rock, rap, metal) decide to make the vibration of their music, lyrics, and message into something deliberately empowering, uplifting, and expansive. Yes, quite a few musicians already do this, but not many in the mainstream. If you know of any who are interested in a life/energy coach to help them on this path, let me know! Ahhhh…someday. Okay, TTFN. Hope you are in gratitude about all the abundance around you, whatever it might be!

    • herkimerlove Says:

      Emoto’s work is amazing. its the type of stuff that needs to be mandatory to learn about in school. Calculus did me almost no good… yet these simple concepts helped change my life.

      • Julianna Says:

        Love your point about calculus. And yes, I’d never really thought about these things integrating into schools…wow, what a beautiful idea…I’m holding the intention that it happens someday in my lifetime!

        • herkimerlove Says:

          We have ran out of replies allowed for up above, so I’m coming down here.

          You are correct about that many musicians already make conscious/uplifting music. Here’s the thing with the mainstream… its not controlled by the musicians, or really the people who buy music. The people buy music… most of them either are for the most part unconscious and buy whatever is shoved in front of their face, or are conscious, and go find music that resonates with them outside of the mainstream. However, because of the internet, underground music is slowly yet surely finding a way to a larger audience, however, most of these musicians and producers when they find success, “sell out” or just copy the mainstream to make more money. Sad but true. As for who controls what music makes its way to “mainstream”… well that’s story for a whole nother day, and probably not here, because the truth of the matter will make me sound like a conspiracy theorist to most people.

          As for your idea about metal, the idea is sound about the artist and the lyrics, however, metal, and some country and indie music, uses dissonant chords and musical aspects that causes the sign waves to crash instead of blend, made worse by the heavy amount of distortion. Plus, the extremely fast paced tempo does not give the brain, or energy, any time to process. Does it do the body any good to run at a full sprint for a long period of time? So where one (uplifting) song, or a jam band doing a “jam” that is heavy and/or fast, may be alright, continuous listening definitely can be an issue. When Emoto did his water crystals, he used instrumental music…

          I am part of that musical revolution. A small part now, yet we all know what happens to snowball as it rolls down a mountain…

          • Julianna Says:

            I am so glad to be connecting with someone else who is part of that musical revolution! Are you a musician yourself? Perhaps we are snowflakes rolling into the same downhill spin!

            I personally continue to have faith that this can and will occur in the mainstream – although perhaps it will start underground, and the underground will eventually become mainstream (in a new definition of the word – as some bands are already currently redefining it). I look forward to the day when the masses receive these uplifting vibrations simply by walking through their day – no effort or searching or devotion needed…it’s just what comes out of the airwaves (tv waves etc). So fun to engage in this discussion – keep me posted on your work (play) with all of it! Best – Julianna

    • herkimerlove Says:

      reply to the bottom to 10/10 9:44 reply:

      Yes, I am a musician, and producer. I play bass guitar and very basic keys. I produce electronic dance music, although I haven’t made any in a long time (the desire is there, just waiting for the time that life gives me the space and time to focus for the length of time it takes to write quality music).

      I realized last night, that there already is “Up-Metal”, as you called it, it’s called Blue Grass. 🙂

      I too dream of the day where the “waves” in the air are all positive and uplifting. Honestly, I’d be perfectly ok with the complete abolishment of TV all together. I always wonder what would happen in this society if one day, the broadcast TV just stopped working… people would have to read, go outside, play with their kids… Imagine it with me now. 🙂

      Until people start actually desiring QUALITY out of their music, movies, ect… the mainstream will not change much. The mainstream will not change for the better until the masses control it and desire more than cheesy pop singers and cookie-cutter bands. Currently it is controlled by fat cat million/billionaires and groups that use the media to control minds and keep the masses in a state of drama and fear/non-love (don’t like to use the “h” word).

      One day… one day. 🙂

      • Julianna Says:

        I love that you said bluegrass is Up-Metal…I never understood how I could enjoy bluegrass so much (cause I don’t really feel the bluegrassy-type)…but this explanation makes perfect sense!

        So it seems that you think ‘the masses’ will suddenly get conscious and start requiring better/more from their music (and probably consumer choices of other kinds). That gives me pause – because it makes me realize that I’ve long felt that stuff has got to come in through the backdoor. In the way that recycling has. The masses don’t do it because they suddenly became conscious of its benefits, but rather because that’s just what they were told to do. And things like The Little Mermaid and Nemo helped…spoon feeding some basic environmental values. No one had to search for it, no one had to try for it – they just did what they were told, consciously and subconsciously. I truly believe people have too much else to think about – or are too far gone down the not-thinking-independently road (and I don’t say that in anger or judgment, just observation) to have the time/energy to shift their awareness. Certainly there are some who can and do, but not the masses. Anyway – I guess I think positive-vibration-in-music is going to *be* the shifting agent, not follow a request from the masses for a shift. In other words, when it’s what’s playing on the radio THEN they’ll get it; not that they’ll get it and then ask it to be on the radio. I don’t mean to discredit the masses…it’s just the way I see it going down.

        On and on we go…!

        • herkimerlove Says:

          I never understood bluegrass either till i had several friends who played metal, as they got older get into playing bluegrass. Then I took a look a look at is music theory wise, and it has many similarities in structure when it comes to tempo, arrpegiating, build-ups/break-downs, and especially picking elements when it comes to guitar. Plus, most lyrics in bluegrass are very uplifting/positive. If there’s a positive side to metal, its definitely bluegrass.

          Do I think the masses will suddenly get conscious, HECK NO. Paradigm shifts happen in stair steps. There are those of us that search out for the quality and truth in life. That group, the more conscious independent thinkers, if you will, will simply have to grow in number, and thus influence, until there is enough to create a “100th monkey” effect. The occasional movie like The Lorax, or singer like John Mayer, is helping, yet its going to take much more to shift consciousness.

          Too much to think about? That’s just an excuse. Most people with “too much to think about” spend 2 hours or more a day in front of the their television set or on Facebook (Facebook eats your soul by the way). There’s plenty of time to think, search for truth, and enjoy the quality things life has to offer like a sunset, or some good music… most people just don’t make the time. The fill their time with useless activities, television, or countless other distractions so they don’t have to think, and can as you said, do what their told.

          As for the radio and the rest of mass media, which by the way, all major radio stations, major broadcast networks, and newspapers (except 2) are owned by the same company… which means all radio, TV, and news is being controlled by a very small (I mean like 10 or less), money hungry, group of people. So what’s on the airwaves won’t change till its owned and operated by conscious individuals that want to use its influence to help and change the world, instead of spread lies, fear, and mindless entertainment (I really feel calling most of what’s on the radio and TV “entertainment”, even if preceded by “mindless” is a disgrace to the word “entertainment”). For this reason, I do not own a TV, read the newspaper, view newsfeeds online, have a Facebook, or listen to the radio.

          Do I think that music is one of the most powerful forces in the universe? Yes. Do I believe that the universe was created by music? Yes. Do I believe that music is one of the most powerful tools for change and consciousness raising? Yes. Do I believe that music will play a major role in the evolution of humanity and raising consciousness on planet Earth? Most Definitely.

          The real thing to look at though is the value we place on music. Really, nobody gives a crap about music anymore. We’ve taken it out of our schools, regardless of all the studies that show that music helps brain development and memory. Even with the internet, everyone takes what their spoon fed by the machine. Look at Youtube, some dumb pop artist will have millions of hits, while an independent artist or produce will have a couple thousand. We have shows like American Idol and the Voice, where the winner is chosen by votes, not talent. (Supposedly talent is suppose to influence the vote, yet from listening to people talk about it, not really.) What’s a hit has nothing to do with quality, as much as its influenced by gimmicks (Lady Gaga), or sex appeal (Britney Spears and boy bands), or “idol worship”, people wishing they were like that (Lil Wayne/Niki Minage), or some kind of drama surrounding the person (50 Cent). So really one has to take into account that before music can really do what its best at, being a creative force in the world, people will have to care about it, and the want the quality from it.

          Law of Attraction says “Like attracts Like”. So as much as music has a huge part to play in the changing consciousness of humanity, humanity will have to consciously raise themselves to attract better music. I will state myself as example… over the years my music taste has evolved. The more “healed and whole” and conscious I’ve become, the more the music I like and listen to has become melodic, peaceful, and uplifting. When I was in high school, I was troubled, I listen to metal and heavy rock. When I was in my early 20’s, I switched to pop punk, prog rock, and “hardcore”/fast european electronic music. In my mid 20’s, I discovered funk, jam bands, and the electronic music slowed down and got prettier. Over the next couple years, I stopped listening to the pop punk, prof rock, and really fast EDM at all. Mid last year, I had what I call my “full awakening” (basically I acknowledged what I knew as truth for some time and quit hitting the snooze alarm on living my beliefs and putting real effort into my spiritual growth). Since then, I’ve stopped listening to anything with negative lyrics, messages about drugs, or with dissonant musical structures (and dubstep, except a few select tracks). I’ve been really into classical and trance and house edm, in addition to my love for jam bands, funk, and jazz. As you evolve the music you want to listen to evolves. I’d love to say that music will cause people to evolve, because it can, yet if the people themselves don’t evolve, it won’t resonate, and they’ll just turn it off.

          Much like loving our dream planet, we have to love music as well, for things to get better. Change is the only constant in the universe, and I have solid belief that the future holds plenty of “positive” change in it. I know I’m doing my part, now more than ever. 🙂

          • Julianna Says:

            So much to respond to here! My overall take-away from it is “compassion.” I can hear the frustration in your tone, or the annoyance that people make “excuses” not to think more, or independently, etc. What about Law of Attraction? As your vibration is annoyed and frustrated, that’s the vibration you’re putting out.

            Mind you, I surely get frustrated myself – mainly at the fact that this thing I *know* I’m meant to do (work with musicians, and thus participate in this music-creating-a-new-paradigm thing we’re talking about here) isn’t yet happening. So I get frustration, and I’m not intending to say “bad on you” about it, because we all do it. But I can feel it in your writing – there’s a fire in your belly about all this – and the more that’s angled from a place of expansive, creative language and thoughts, the better.

            I don’t know the in’s and out’s of how the music industry is run. I imagine it’s a giant fractal, with non-BIG-artists feeling like they’re trying to move the thing from the outside, but there are so many pieces dragging in between that it feels futile. Perhaps this is, again, why I feel like the shift is going to come from closer to the center, from the pop side of things. I know it’s a big leap, and I know very few share my sense of possibility in this, but truly, all it ever takes is a few who are committed to the vision. (Granted, how to get ‘access’ to the Center of this fractal is a block I keep bumping into, but one that I’m chiseling away at daily.)

            There’s gotta be something that can be done with this. There’s no way there’s the passion (me, you, presumably many others), but no way to create it. It’s nice to have joined forces in this conversation. I kind of want it to get published somewhere! There’s momentum here, let’s keep it going!

    • herkimerlove Says:

      Ah, no frustation or annoyance. There is no point, it merely an ineffective and inefficient use of energies. Only objective truth from being out and amongst this world, its peoples, and many different settings/scenes of the musical world. The other energy there is, passion. Passion about consciousness, passion about music, and passion about living/creating a better world.

      I believe in the potential for all this. I believe it will eventually come to pass. However, I learned in the last year or so, that falling in love with potential blocks one from seeing the truth. So now, I still believe, I’m still passionate, just quite discerning of the truth.

      I feel your plight of knowing that it is part of your mission to influence the world through uplifting and conscious music, yet it has not happened yet. There is plenty of time, so worry not. 🙂

      • Julianna Says:

        Worry not. That is great, and received it as a gift from the Universe. A reminder. To every thing turn, turn.

        Can I ask what it was that altered your perspective/understanding of it all? I’m glad to hear that you aren’t holding a negative space around it (have you ever read David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force? Fabulous book). This has been a lovely conversation and I’ve so very much enjoyed it. Keep me posted on new thoughts, new movement in this direction, or let me know if there’s anything I ever can do to assist you on your path! Happy music, in the meantime! – Julianna

        • herkimerlove Says:

          what altered my perspective… while that question seems kind of vague, and in its essence, the answer could go on for pages… I will attempt to answer.

          1) I stopped using cannabis and psychedelics, and came to realize that were not medicines, in actuality they are indulgences of the lower self, and thusly not expanding my consciousness, only “altering” it. That may be good thing for some to do once our twice to break themselves out of the box, yet to do it regularly, and for years on end, it ended up doing the exact opposite of what I perceived to be happening at the time. Drugs are, at best, a dangerous shortcut, for a journey that one must know “The Way” and have the strength and compassion learned from the full journey itself.

          2) I met the two wonderful individuals that, outside of myself, have become my greatest teachers. These two are amongst the “elite” (i mean that to depict the quality of their work, not that they are any “better” than anyone) when it comes to light workers/ascension workers/energy coaches. I’ve learned a great deal from them, and they’ve done a great job of pointing me in the right direction so that I may discover a great deal of truth on my own. I look forward to all the work we will do together down the road.

          3) Discernment. Seeing things for what they, yet withholding judgements. Seeing actions for the effect they have on the greatest good of all, the individual, and/or my own energies. Most importantly, living by what my discernment tells me.

          4) Learning the difference between potential and what people actually achieve.

          5) Walking the Talk, instead of just talking. An amazing things happens when you stop talking about conscious ideas and better ways to live, and start living them. Yes, you feel like an oddball sometimes, because you are… most people are, at best, just talking, if talking at all. A radical perspective change happens when you walk the path of higher consciousness. Once you walk it enough, it makes talking about it seem almost useless, except to convey the ideas to others, although, you realize being a living example has so much more impact than hours of conversation do.

          Also, I know of Dr. Hawkins. He has made many great contributions to the world of science and the typical mindsets when it comes to consciousness, the vibrations of emotions, and healing. If the only contribution he had made is his levels of consciousness chart and material, then he’s done good in the world… yet that’s just the tip of his iceberg.

  2. Julianna Says:

    Ha! This was the line I was referring to in my question: “However, I learned in the last year or so, that falling in love with potential blocks one from seeing the truth.” I was curious what changed that perspective. And you gave me a fabulous, complicated answer.

    What a great path, as it should be. Congrats on clearing your mind of the altering substances. I love that you gave them a nod in terms of offering an initial opening, or shift. But correct, they ultimately hinder growth and understanding. Speaking of our man, David Hawkins, he offers a good assessment of it all: they hide much of what’s under the 200 level, but by no means eliminate it. BTW – I realize that he single-handedly (well, maybe not) opened me up to allowing the word God into my world. The rating of all the worlds religion at or near 1000 at their inception; it’s just the years of misuse and abuse of power that have lowered their vibration. But at their heart, at their core, they are brilliantly at Truth. (And I think Buddhism is the one that scores the highest today – the one that has stayed truest to the Love that it was conceived in).

    I love what you had to say about the teachers/guides that came into your life. When the student is ready, the teacher(s) will appear. So excellent. This path of expansion is so totally life-altering, when we begin to consciously delve into it. I’m always thrilled for people when they find it (and learning to be thrilled for people who don’t find it, knowing that *that* is their path, and it’s just as perfect and wonderful as the one I’m on). Beautiful that you have these teachers in your life; I’m a firm believer that community of like-mindedness is essential as we open like this, because it can be so difficult to stay the path when we’re inundated with information, conversation, vibration that is not vibrating where (or above) we ourselves are.

    Potential and achievement. That gets me thinking about the definition of achievement, and also the ways in which we go about it (pounding down doors vs. aligning our vibration to attract effortlessly). What a beautiful opportunity we’re offered, to be seeing and knowing this new way!

    Thank you for the richness of this exchange!!

    • herkimerlove Says:

      You’re welcome. And Thank you.

      What I exactly meant by that line was, before I met my teachers, and decided it was time to “get out of bed” so to speak and walk the path, I had an amazing group of people that surrounded me. We were a community of young people who all lived together, and frequently got together to share company and (what we thought of as) conscious ideas. We were all between 125 and 175, possibly the best of us at 200. However, issues would occasionally arrive that would not make sense due to our (perceived) increase consciousness and unity. After I began walking the path, i reached out to all of them… coldly rejected and scorned by some for “turning my back”, and given an ear by a couple, yet no action has yet to take place that would back up their words of agreement they gave me at the time. When I voiced this to my main teacher, she pointed out to me that one of my strongest gifts is seeing the potential of someone or an action, and that this had become my actual “vision” because of my deep love for these people. She then over a series of meetings taught me about discernment, and about “potential vs actuality”. Eventually, through experience and her lessons, I’ve come to realize that the majority will, at best, reach 10-20% of their potential, due to religious beliefs, beliefs about human potential, beliefs about drugs, emotional maturity, mental maturity, and many other factors. Very few are willing to do the work it takes to clear all the programing, negative vibes, and misinformation, from this life and past, that it takes to be able to truly reach for the highest potential of the divine being that each of us is. I judge not those who do not make efforts, and do not reach for their potential, because like you have stated, that is the current path that they are on. Like with the people I once knew, I hope that this will change, so that we all may walk to together again someday.

      When I was speaking of potential and achievement of such, the definition of achievement doesn’t even come into to my scope. I’m not really a fan of definitions, they are too open of interpretation. I’d just rather interpret what I feel and experience in life, and leave the logical mind at rest… it works pretty damn hard on its own. As for the quest or means of achieving potential, I really don’t believe that it can be effortless. I know what you were getting at there, and yes you have to go with the flow in life, and the candle that burns from both ends does burn twice as bright, yet burns half as long. However, I can’t become a better musician without practice. I can’t learn new ideas without reading books and articles, or spending time with teachers, and then putting those things into practice/use. While trying to control things will rarely amount to anything, you have to put the energy out for the universe to respond, and for your growth to transpire.

      My relationship with the word “God/god” changed when my concept of “God” was finally figured out, and thusly caused me to realize it wasn’t an issue with the word I had, it was with the limiting belief structures about “God” that other people had, and therefore attached to the word. I realized we all believe in the same God, some of us just put very interesting spins on how to understand that force/energy/concept, and some of those being very limited, and/or having very lower vibrational qualities about them.

      I love that you stated the truth of “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I searched for teachers for years, however, had I met anyone like my teachers when I first started searching, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Heck, my first meeting with my main teacher, she told me many things that I now know to be true, yet at the time, tried to debate. It was time, and I was ready, so I quickly let go of those misconceptions and egotic notions, and moved on to a life that is much more fulfilling, based on love and truth, and guided by intuition.

    • herkimerlove Says:

      I want to add…

      While I gave that “nod” so to speak, I at this point, do not condone, nor believe in, under any circumstance, the use of cannabis or psychedelic drugs by anyone. The use of these drugs, and many legal ones for that matter, cut off the connection to higher self and “Creator/God/Divine Light”, as well as level your etheric field open and vulnerable to the lower astral planes, and thusly the STS (service to self) entities that live there, most of which being disruptive and/or destructive, or commonly referred to as “dark”. Prolonged use has sever effects when it comes to “energies” and connection to the divine, and makes one a walking conduit for the “dark” energies/entities. While cannabis can be a natural medicine, any form of “recreational” use is violating that sacredness, and therefore grants you no protection while under the influence. I venture to predict that 98-99% of cannabis users fall into that category. “But man, why you gotta harsh the mellow, its my MENTAL medicine?” Yes, I know the world can be a down right bitch ass place to handle sometime yet… meditate, go for a job, a swim, have a cookie, do some yoga, talk to a friend, talk to shrink… do something, and start by getting rid of the “mental crutch.” This is coming from someone who did it for 10 years, was all for legalization, and found all this a bit hard to swallow at first, yet once I did, it all made sense, and I will never go back. (nor hang out with any form of user either)

      Also, when I used to seeing people’s potential and project it upon them, it did not have good effects on the relationship in the long run. I would glorify the relationship when we were in good times. Yet, if the person stumbled, or back tracked a bit, I would get impatient, frustrated, even angry. I turned my back on some people because they weren’t living up to what I thought their standards to be because of what I saw as their ultimate potential. Several times, I missed some clear “snakes in the grass”, because of my “rose colored glasses.”

      I now accept that some people will not ever live up to even some of the potential. That some will stay exactly where they are for the rest of this incarnation, and that’s the path they are on. I accept them, and love them as the person they are, in this moment, in actuality. I am now discerning, and do not condone actions I do not partake in, nor share company with those who do. I split paths with many people in the last year because of this. I have my standards, and I live by them, and I accept that this means that I do not resonate with many people I used to, and those I do resonate with will be with a different quality and mindset. Its like I’m playing in a different key. 🙂

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