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I love music, pt 2 – Playing an instrument September 10, 2012

I love music.  There’s nothing like the feeling one gets while playing an instrument.  While I may not play my bass for hours per day, the time I do spend playing is my favorite time of the day.  While playing I feel balanced, light, and free.  If something was troubling me or causing anxiety, it dissolves and is transmuted through sounding of few notes.  If I was happy, I am uplifted to a state of joy.  No matter where I go while playing, I always end in a state of serenity and peace, on a “good note”, as some say.

The act of playing an instrument turns thoughts, emotions, and spiritual energies into melodies and rhythm that can be heard and experienced by any close enough to take in the vibrations.  Playing an instrument is speaking in a universal language that can be understood by all.  The act allows one to put into form that which may be indescribable, inexpressible, or that words alone may not thoroughly convey.  Playing an instrument can uplift others.  The same energies that help transmute sadness and anxiety of the player can work their magic on other souls blessed to hear.  The musicians cathartic release, grounding beats, or joyous melodies become a blessing to all who hear.  In this way, playing of an instrument is a healing act.

I will play instruments will the day there is not enough energy in my hands to do so.  Even then, in the “afterlife”, the Higher realms, I will play on.  I’ve played bass and hand drums for years, yet will not stop with those two.  I will learn 6-string guitar, piano, harmonica, and flue, next.  Yet, I won’t stop there, either.  I will continue to expand my tonal creation repertoire till i know them all, or decide to leave the rest for someone else. 😉

There is no greater “stand-alone” act one can do for self and others, than play a musical instrument.  The act can be healing, creative, meditative, enlightening, invigorating, all in one sitting, one song.  It is an act we can all do, that touches the heart and soul.

From my journal, 09/09/2012


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