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I love music, pt 1: the Live experience September 9, 2012

I love music, especially the live experience. The band playing, the lights, the crowd dancing and cheering, all together an energy is created that is quite intoxicating, and can be very uplifting and liberating. There’s something about a large group of people dancing and moving to the same beats, melodies, and harmonies that is awe inspiring, fun, and truly beyond further description. The live musical experience bring about a sense of Unity between the musicians, the crowd, and the environment that is hard to find under any other context… a “good” one, that is… a “bad” one still brings a sense of unity amongst the crowd, just not really the type anyone is looking for. There is also a sense of excitement and aliveness as the vibrations add an electricity to the air that can be felt by all in attendance. The atmosphere is charged with creativity, that can be felt in every cell of the body, sometimes within minutes. This experience transcends culture, language, creed, and all other illusionary and ego created walls and divisions.

The live experience offers an environment for improvisation and further creativity. Songs can be altered, rearranged, inverted, or shifted to different “styles”/motifs, on the spot. Other musicians can join and offer a different “flavor”. A song can be played multiple nights in a row, yet have a different feel, groove, emotional overtone and/or energy each night. Because of this, a song can be “new”, even after its been heard/experienced dozens, or even hundreds of times. Hence why my favorite bands are “jam bands”, bands that improv as a routine part of the show, usually multiple times per set. No two set lists are the same, and a song when played will never sound quite the same as the time before or the next time, sometimes complete different. These reasons are also why I favor live recordings over studio. With live recordings, one can hear the crowd, the subtle changes and nuances, the improv sections… experiencing the energy of that night, and of each song. A live recording can help one relive an amazing experience by giving the background and platform for the mind to travel back to that time and place.

The live musical experience is a playground and a healing place for the heart, mind, and soul. It is a place where once can truly let go, experience joy and peace, and just “be”. It is a place where we all sing and move as one. It is a living, breathing, pulsing manifestation of spirit and creativity, all encompassing the Now, the moment, and the energy of One.

From my journal, 09/08/12

For some great live recordings, visit these sites:
Archive.org – Free recordings (varying sound quality)
Livedownloads.com – Pay recordings (mastered, sound board quality)


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