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Top listen to song, of the last 2 weeks that is… September 7, 2012

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Umphrey’s McGee – Puppet String (live @ Red Rocks 07/03/11)


Its not like theres a book for this, or something you could read,
cuz Ive looked around
Ive tried to fill these holes with other roles I never learned to play,
It seems like they always falter, how the hell should I know?
It always seems to disappear so quickly you can see,
Can somebody tell me, where does the time go?
I got a bigger pile of questions then I could ever need,
Theres no explaining these.

Ive never heard a word about the way we’re all received, at least that I believe in,
I know traditions tell a different spell, it all laid out to me,
Theres no need to confuse me, cuz I know what I know,
And if everyones all subscribed to fiction that cant be right,
then spinning we all collide,
One bigtime low, this puppet show.

I usually begin this conversation differently, I know its kind of one-sided,
its obvious the answer is a question I believe that nobodys asking,
how the hell should I know?
If everyone’s so unsure of whats below or above us,
then maybe we all buy in,
and make our own collective end.

These puppet strings dont pull themselves, youre thinking thoughts from someone else,
How much time do you think you have?
Are you prepared for what comes next?


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