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Konstantinos: Some significant signs-A parable from my Arcturian Family ‘The Experiment’ September 7, 2012

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Hello dear friends. Yesterday I was outside. While I was walking I was thinking about the future when suddenly I saw in front of me a paper stuck on the front side of a clothe store…’TELOS EPOCHIS’ which means ‘END OF SEASON’ regarding the discounts. But in Greek ‘epochi’ (epoch) means also ‘age’…’END OF (old) AGE’! That was the first sign. 

Later, I got the bus to return at home. After some hour, I looked at the bus clock and the time was 20:12 (year 2012) and right at that moment, the electronic voice said ‘Next Stop: Analipsi’…’Analipsi’ in Greek means ‘Ascension’…get it ? (-_-). After these two signs, I heard the six beings from my Arcturian family telling me that these signs was an ensurance, so I didn’t have to feel frustrated and then they told me briefly a parable, which they repeated extensively this morning. The parable’s title…

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