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Discernment August 25, 2012

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Discernment… such a vital aspect of the spiritual journey of growth and healing.

It All Belongs

In terms of basic, grammar school vocabulary I’ve never been aware that the word discernment comes from a particularly spiritual context. I just returned from a trip to the dictionary and thesaurus and was taken aback to find that the list of synonyms includes words like awareness, clairvoyance, cultivate, etc.

Those close to me will understand this as a gross understatement, but I have a life long struggle with discernment (so who doesn’t, right?).  I am the person who doesn’t say much in a social group larger than two, but put me in close quarters with someone (RV) and suddenly my verbosity is burdensome (sorry, Amanda).  I’ve spent a lot of time apologizing for this in my 40 years, but have never been able to effectively articulate that this is my clumsy groping toward, yep, Discernment.

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