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God loves everything He creates August 22, 2012

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God LOVE EVERYTHING. Wrath and Judgement are human characteristics, and ones of the old paradigm, at that. LOVE. 🙂

Jesus through John

We in the spiritual realms are observing with joy your increasingly powerful intent to awaken.  You yourselves have to make and hold that intent, and whereas in times past you were unable or unwilling to do so and allowed yourselves to be distracted from that vitally important task, now that intent is being held powerfully and constantly by sufficient numbers of you to bring you forward to the moment for your awakening.  And your ongoing communications with others holding this same intent are further strengthening your collective will and bringing it more and more into alignment with God’s.

If it is your intent to awaken, then you most certainly will.  As you go about your daily lives focus on that knowledge – you do have it and know it! – because by doing so you express, extend, and share with everyone the loving encouragement that will make it happen.  Your…

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