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Music is alive. August 19, 2012

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Music is energy and vibration.  Music is thought and emotion translated into sound.  Music is a universal language spoken by all races, lifeforms, and levels of being.  Music is the sound of other realms, non-physical entities, and God/Source.

Every human has the innate ability to make music.  Emotions thoughts, and other channeled energies flow through the instrument of choice to create sounds that represent the vibrational state, level of consciousness, and connection to (or lack there of)… Light, Love, and Source Energy of the individual.  In that moment, the music is perfect and the exact expression that is needed for part of existence to grow, heal, understand, reflect, find peace, love, observe, evolve, and/or just “be”.

Music can heal and inspire growth.  Music can inspire one to realize the beauty of the moment, the world that surrounds, or Life itself.  Music can open an individual up to Love and Light, and connect them to Source and Higher Self.  Music can raise (or lower) the vibrational frequency and level of conscious awareness of any life to come in contract with its sound waves.  Music can inpsire further creation and art, help plants grow, cleanse water and air, and even send messges to naimals and non-Earth-bound life.  Music is a tool and medium to which the applications are only restricted by the imagination of the composer, and their belief in self and the power of music.  Music is a part of existence that will always be in form, and is present on/in every level/dimension of existence, from 3-D to 5-D to 12-D and beyond.

Music is alive, and is part of life.

-from my journal, date unknown – approx. the first week of June


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