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“We pulse, we spin, constantly dancing with the vibratory world around us.” August 18, 2012

In the beginning there was noise.  And noise begat rhythm.  And rhythm begat everything else.

We were born of noise, in chaos.  The first sound in the universe was pure noise: the Big Bang, the moment of creation, some 13.7 billion years ago, when the blank page of the Universe exploded into existence.  Mysterium Tremendum refers to that awesome primeval explosion and its reverberations, still ongoing, that are the source of cosmic rhythms–a dance of particles and atoms spinning out galaxies, stars, and planetary systems–finding its own groove, gradually bringing about order.  That harmonious order is incredibly complex and interdependent, like a celestial clockwork.

Celestial bodies, in their evolutions, and vibrations, spin out rhythms not caused by anything in our sub-lunar world.  Every particle, atom, molecule, and cell dances its unique choreography, sings its signature song.  These rhythms are the basis of light and sound.  What we call sight is just the limited spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations that eyes can perceive, what we call sound is the narrow range of acoustic pulsations that ears can hear.

We are multidimensional rhythm machines embedded in a universe of rhythm.  We pulse, we spin, constantly dancing with the vibratory world around us.  On this album, the musicians interact with energy, transformed into sound, gathered from radiation emanating from epic cosmic events, harkening back to the moment of creation.

Rhythm is one of the most powerful ordering principles of the Universe, and one of its greatest mysteries.

– Mickey Hart (from the insert of his 2012 album, Mysterium Tremendum)


(This is the first of a series of posts that will be on music, vibrations, and/or dance.)


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