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Receiving August 17, 2012

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Source of Inspiration

I open to receive.
What does this mean, you ask.
I start with intention to receive.
I want contact with my Creator.
No, it is more than simple “want.”
I have a longing, a burning desire,
an unquenchable thirst, that has opened
me to awareness of, and desire for,
the Light.

From the deepest part of this
longing springs intention to receive
the Force. As I feel it fill my body and
soul, I consciously direct it to where
it is needed by placing my awareness
there. There are unlimited ways of
using the Force, both large and small.

With practice, we are able to receive and
use it with more clarity. It is a gift,
a summons, a calling. The Force is the
vital, Divine part of us. It is who we
are. We need only to draw our attention
to our inner most being and let our

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