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Tremendous preparations have been taking place August 8, 2012

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Jesus through John

All in the spiritual realms are watching with fascination and excitement as humanity moves ever nearer to awakening.  Your collective unconscious is stirring, claiming you all for its own, identifying the oneness that you had forgotten and bringing it to your awareness.  This can be seen where many previously clearly differentiated groups with similar aims are now joining together, having realized that joined, they are far more powerful and effective than when they work alone.  When you truly work together as one, as more and more are doing, miracles occur.

The miracles occurring all over the world at present are a direct result of this integration and harmonization of intent and purpose.  Humanity seriously desires peace, safety, and abundance for all, and over the last few decades many organizations and charities have been formed to help make this happen.  At first it often seemed that they were causing profuse difficulties…

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