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Dolce Far Niente… July 22, 2012


It’s Italian for “Sweet Doing Nothing”.  It is a practice and art that must be cultivated, especially here in the West, where we are taught from birth to the exact opposite.  We go here, and there, and everywhere… as fast as we can.  We have smartphones, energy drinks, microwaves, and fast cars.  Yet, what is all for?  Why are we all trying to do everything so darn quickly?  Since when is it necessary to always be multi-tasking?  Since when is it necessary to multi-task AT ALL?

When I first exposed this concept to my brother, it boggled his mind.  He couldn’t conceive of “doing nothing”, to not have a “purpose” to every waking moment and action of his day.  I asked him if he every took “time for himself”, to which he replied, “yea, i read and journal.”  When I said that I meant,  just sitting or lying down, and letting the mind be free and let go, I was told that was a “waste of time”.  Yet, it is very obvious that I am happy in life, and he, a good bit of the time was not.  I say was, because since things have changed, somewhat.  At least a couple days a month, he reports in that he has “done nothing but sleep and sit around all day.”  I usually reply that this is great news, and was exactly what he needed to be doing.  I usually still get a puzzled look or remark, yet its steps in the right direction.

I have the mindset described in the clip.  I take time out of each day to enjoy “sweetness”, or just do nothing.  Heck, this weekend, what I did consisted of laundry (which I honestly would’ve avoided if i had any way of doing so, yet my wardrobe is too small to do so), making my meals (something I take great joy in), watching live stream from AllGood music festival, meditating, reading, and doing NOTHING (I Love starring at the wall and relaxing).  It was something I needed, that we all need to do.  I enjoyed sweetness through the music and food (Wild Salmon and coconut milk chocolate ice cream were the highlights).  Also, watching it rain for the last hour was pretty awesome.

I don’t know if there was much of point here, other than to plant the seed of this concept in the minds of those who read this blog, or to remind some of you out there that have gotten “too busy” to slow down and take some time for self (its Mercury Retrograde any way so that’s exactly what one should be doing anyway). 🙂

Everyone have a great rest of the day and coming week.



2 Responses to “Dolce Far Niente…”

  1. Where you been? You don’t,write you don’t call. lol

    • herkimerlove Says:

      ebb and flow, my dear. nothing particular to say lately. needed time to recoup energies from circumstances of life. The Mercury Retrograde is in full effect. 🙂

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