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Mercury Retrograde – July 15 to Aug 8 July 10, 2012

Image     July 15th to August 8th, 2012

  • Shadow: 1 Leo, June 27th
  • Retro Station: 12 Leo, July 15
  • Direct Station: 1 Leo, August 8th
  • Release: 12 Leo, August 22

Mercury retrograde has effects for two weeks before, and after.  Effects can vary depending on how Mercury has its ties to you.  Examples… Virgo and Gemini, these signs’ ruling planet is Mercury, so if those two signs are your Sun or Rising sign, the energies of Mercury could have more effect.

The overall general theme of Mercury retrograde is about reflection. It offers us a time to be more reflective about our lives, to contemplate and to create order by eliminating things that block our clarity. Therefore it is a good time to write, to meditate, to retreat and to organize. Based on the sign it is in at the time it makes this journey, we find more specific direction about what is required at this time.

The traditional statement about Mercury retrograde is that it favors anything that begins with the prefix “re-” — re-negotiate, re-vamp, re-new, re-vise, return, re-issue, re-visit, re-finance because the word retrograde itself means “to go back and retrace one’s steps.”  Always, decisions should only be made on contingency! With the element of flexibility added to any change or decision, there seems to be some guarantee of success. This period also favors finishing up work or returning to complete a project. This motion can provide new insights into the material. It favors re-considering prior decisions and getting others to change their minds about a previously-made decision. Precision is always disrupted by a retrograde Mercury. Going with the flow, keeping options open, using contingency methods and intuitively processing as you go along seem to give the flexibility needed to avoid Retrograde Mishaps.


When Mercury is in fire signs, the chances skyrocket for outbursts of enthusiastic communication. The instinctual mind has its say. The burning truth comes out impulsively and all lit up. There is vitality to conversation. During a retrograde, that spark returns, and can lead to raw or heartfelt expression. It’s a time to review your philosophy, and pick up dropped threads of inspiration!

July 15th to August 8th, 2012 Mercury in Leo (retrograde) remind us what we truly love. This respite cycles you back to your own unique story. It’s time to journal, and reflect on your ambitions, how you shine, and what you long to create.

Some serendipity happens that puts you in the spotlight. You reconfirm your talent for leading and encouraging others. You help someone see their own uniqueness. Children, or another kind of pride and joy — like your artistic creation — becomes a preoccupation. This could be time to revive a creative idea, give yourself a pep talk, and make plans to bring it to fruition.

This particular dance of Mercury Retrograde will be in the sign of Leo. Leo is about creative self expression; at its core are issues of self-esteem and risking the self. Leo rules the heart. Leo challenges are always about risking the self for the Self.

Mercury will meet up with the following planets: Uranus, Jupiter, Mars and Venus as well as the Full Moon. In some cases there will be three contacts: One in the entering shadow, one during the retrograde and one in the exiting shadow. Others make only one or two contacts.

Mercury Uranus: A time when intuition and intellect combine in the best of ways. July 4th, July 25th, August 18th.

Mercury Jupiter: Boundless opportunity to make intelligent and informed decisions – if you can separate the truth from a lie. June 29th, July 24th, August 22nd.

Mercury Full Moon on August 1st: Truly a time for strong and inclusive social interactions.

Mercury Mars: Words have power and force. The pen is mightier than the sword. July 22nd.

Mercury Venus: Let the poets and musicians sing their songs of beauty. July 4th and July 14th.

***** Some believe:
If you were born under the influence of a retrograde Mercury the ‘rules’ are a bit different for you. Where others should hold back you may step forward. The implication is that you are already attuned to your inner voice and the retrograde just makes that stronger. I believe it is useful and important (as with any astrological information) to see how it plays out for you personally. Blind acceptance is not required.


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  1. I had conveniently forgotten it. A time to Re…reevaluate, reinvent, rediscover, redecorate and so on.

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