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Genetically Modified Food July 6, 2012

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SERIOUSLY, we need to STOP GMO/GEO foods and Monsanto! Know what you’re eating. Care about what you’re eating. Care about yourself today, so you’ll be in better shape in the future.


The case for mandatory GMO labeling – even if you believe in limited government and the free market

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036209


(NaturalNews) Now that the GMO labeling ballot measure has been officially accepted onto the California ballot, Monsanto is gearing up its propaganda campaign that aims to convince people you don’t need to know what you’re eating! Trust us, we’re the food companies! We never lie, do we?

For the record, I’m an opponent of most government mandates against individuals. When the government says you have to give your children vaccine shots, that’s a violation of your liberty. When Mayor Bloomberg says you can’t buy a 16 oz. soda in New York, that’s a violation of your liberty, too — even though I am opposed to soda consumption in general.

When the government says you can’t drink raw milk, or you can’t treat cancer with medicinal herbs, or…

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