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July 3, 2012

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wonderfully inspirational…

Source of Inspiration

Am I open to being guided by Spirit?
Do I listen with a willingness to follow
even when I am being asked to do
something I don’t want to do? It is
easy to rationalize our unwillingness
to be uncomfortable, to let go of our
desires and need to control. Yet when
we surrender, we are shown clearly what
path is best for us. Time and again,
I shake my head in wonder at how “right”
was the guidance I received and followed
even though it was not what I wanted to do.
And what a disaster it would have been if
I had followed my own limited thinking.

This inner guiding voice we all have is a
gift few appreciate. As we are willing to
follow its guidance, it becomes more and
more clear. It is wise, unfailing, based in
love. It is our connection to our own divine

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