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June 30, 2012

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Unwrapping Minds

One useful thing which I have discovered from my sessions is the concept of ‘ Practical Spirituality’. Now, what on earth does this complicated word mean?

There are two basic kinds of human beings; the saints & the commoner.

The saints are those, who are free from the  boundaries of  greed, materialistic comfort, emotional needs or any temptation. They are the ones we seek to guide us. For them spirituality is a way of life and by looking at them we do get inspired but at the same time anything which they do seem very unapproachable to us. We take it as something which could only be appreciated but not replicated and in a way it is true that leading a saint like life is quite a challenge.

Let’s come to our level, i.e., a common man’s life. This life is full of challenges and comes with its…

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  1. unwrappingminds Says:

    Thank you for the re blog…Hope it is going to be useful!

    • herkimerlove Says:

      i struggled with this for quite a long time. kept thinking that spirituality was at one end of a spectrum… which in actuality, makes spirituality and the world “extremes”… while there is some extreme stuff in both the world and spirituality, neither are, nor should be, extremes. There is definitely a happy medium that is both divinely connected and pure, whilst still enjoying this life in form. One must be discerning and honest about what is important when it comes to both spirituality and the world. Being spiritual does not mean a vow of poverty, or a life of chastity, or never enjoying some chocolate. Enjoying the world must be done with an absolute dedication to the genuineness and quality of experience, and knowing when “enough is enough” and not letting the ego take things too far or too lavish, whether it is food, sex, or a new car. Turn the TV off, detach from your cell phone, get off facebook… and go be amongst good, conscious-minded people… do a yoga class, enjoy the great outdoors, go to concert (with uplifting, happy music)… enjoy this life to the fullest and do what brings you joy. Above all, love yourself, and all others unconditionally, all the time.

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