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Unpluggin’ for a couple weeks… June 3, 2012

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In honor of LIFE, LOVE, the lunar eclipse, the Venus transit, the Summer Solstice, and the 2nd New moon in Gemini…

I’m going to…

  • take a couple weeks off… from the computer, the internet, and several other societal/unnecessary modern things…
  • eat 90% raw, only cooking tofu and sweet potatoes if I eat them.
  • focus on meditation, yoga, reading, writing, and music.  (oh yea… i’m a musician.)
  • be out in the world, interacting with people, spreading love, higher conscious vibrations, and smiles.
  • celebrate the great energetic time of eclipses, transit, and solstice.


So, everyone enjoy the next couple weeks to the fullest.  Live life in a state of love and gratitude for Gaia, existence, and everything wonderful in between.  I will return for the Solstice, or somewhere shortly there after. 🙂


2 Responses to “Unpluggin’ for a couple weeks…”

  1. Eleven 11 Says:

    You have inspired me to do the same. (Or at least try my very hardest to…;-) )
    Taking detox to another level & eating gluten free, no dairy, no red meat.
    I just made myself a little hideout in the woods where I can escape all glowing computer screens and tvs and digital stuff to relax amongst nature.
    Thanks for the great, healthy idea. 🙂 Enjoy creating/living/INTERACTING WITH “REALITY!”


    • herkimerlove Says:

      Glad I could inspire.

      I too am gluten-free, dairy free, red meat free, pork free, non-organic meat free, with as much organic as i can find. I also only consume coconut oil when it comes to fats.

      Unfortunately currently living in the middle of a huge city without a car, so getting to nature is not so easy, yet there is reprieve with the botanical gardens.

      Enjoy your hideout in the woods.

      **hugs** & ❤

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