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June 30, 2012

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Unwrapping Minds

One useful thing which I have discovered from my sessions is the concept of ‘ Practical Spirituality’. Now, what on earth does this complicated word mean?

There are two basic kinds of human beings; the saints & the commoner.

The saints are those, who are free from the  boundaries of  greed, materialistic comfort, emotional needs or any temptation. They are the ones we seek to guide us. For them spirituality is a way of life and by looking at them we do get inspired but at the same time anything which they do seem very unapproachable to us. We take it as something which could only be appreciated but not replicated and in a way it is true that leading a saint like life is quite a challenge.

Let’s come to our level, i.e., a common man’s life. This life is full of challenges and comes with its…

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The manuscript of survival – part 159

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aisha north

We have often times been accused of beating around the bush as it were, and that may be so, but let us just come clean and say what is on everybody’s mind at the moment. Do not think for a second that we are mere figments of your imagination, or some other’s imagination at that, and that you are all delusional and incapable of grasping the truth. It might feel like it to so many of you, as the times roll on and everything seems to be just scattered words of promises and nowhere near reality. Just open your eyes, and every morning you are confronted with the same dismal views of a corrupt elite and a world heading for destruction as the pristine environment is being confined to smaller and smaller pockets on your beautiful planet. Yes, that is the truth and the reality as you will call it…

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Sunflower Seeds

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nature makes so much yummy good stuff… 🙂

a reminder though, “RAW” is the best way to consume nuts. when you “roast” or cook any form of nuts, they lose 50% or more of their nutional value, and the “fats” in them convert to hydrogenated oil, containing free radicals, which are damaging to your internal systems and cells.


Nutrients in Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are packed with vitamins, including vitamin B1 and B5, vitamin E and folate. They also provide a healthy dose of copper, magnesium, selenium and phosphorous–important minerals. Just a quarter of a cup–four tablespoons–of seeds holds half the daily requirement or more of these important nutrients. The fats present in sunflower seeds are also good quality, heart healthy fats that can help increase “good” cholesterol and protect the heart and cardiovascular system.

Of these nutrients, vitamin E in particular is a powerful antioxidant, helping preserve cardiovascular health. Sunflower seeds are quite high in vitamin E, with ninety percent of the recommended daily allowance of this vitamin in a quarter cup. Also helpful to cardiovascular health and cholesterol maintenance are lignans, arginine and phenolic acids. While these substances are less well-known to most people, studies increasingly show benefits from increasing their intake.

Other substances found…

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Let the wonder and joy of it fill your hearts. – Michael channeled by Ron Head June 29, 2012

ImageThis is a very curious time for you.  There is a great deal of turmoil, anticipation, and doubt caused by recent announcements and happenings.  Despite this you are feeling a low ebb in energy, as if you cannot get enough rest and quiet.  You have been integrating the frequencies and information received during these last weeks of cosmic alignments and activity.  Quickly now, that will come to an end.

Be prepared to stand firmly in your understanding and to remain calm as your world begins to change around you.  It will appear chaotic.  It will be anything but that.  The speed with which these necessary changes occur will make it seem so, but the end result has long been determined.  If you have ever watched a picture on a screen morph from one image to another, you will have a good example of what your experience will be like.  When you witnessed this, you knew that all you needed to do was wait a little while to see what the result would be.  Be prepared to do that now.

If there is something which you need to do to contribute to the result, you know by now exactly what that will be.  If it is to hold your vision of the end result, then realize that it is very important for you to do that.  You have heard this advice many times by now.  The time has come for you to heed and implement it.

Already many attempts are being made to paint these things as negative and fearful.  Those who do not have your understandings will be particularly open to disinformation.  You do not need to argue the point.  It would serve no purpose in any case.  Be calm, be steadfast, and answer any sincere questions with what you know to be true.  Beyond that, maintain your place in the grid of light and unconditional love for the Earth and mankind that we have built so carefully these past years.

The shell is beginning to crack and you are about to emerge into your new life.  Let the wonder and joy of it fill your hearts.  Be at peace and offer love and comfort wherever you may.  The turmoil will be short-lived.

The usual sources will make every attempt to spread anger and fear.  Do not be swayed by them.  You already know who they are.  It would be best if you did not even listen to them.  Much more positive information will be available immediately.  Your discernment is strong enough now to allow you to see the truth.  Some of what you hear will be very hard for many to believe.  Some will be shaken to their core.  That is why your calm presence will be so important.

If you need assurance, comfort, or help yourselves, look within and ask.  We will be with you as we always have been.  Please understand that although I speak to you as Michael, I am speaking for all of the archangels and masters.  You may call on any of us at any time.  We love you dearly and we will speak with you again soon.  Good day.

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June 27, 2012

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Awake in Los Angeles

People are changing, new rules apply and people want to know what it’s all about.  People are wired differently than they were and we are experiencing the world in a vastly different way than before.

People are not the same as they were when you were in school (no matter how old you are reading this), and they are not the same as they were in the “days of old” from your parent’s day.  Kids are being diagnosed with various disorders at higher and higher rates.  There have always been these “different” people, but by the 90s the number has gotten so high that people started to take notice.  What’s going on?

One of the most outstanding differences people will have noticed in the past decade is the surge in cases of ADD/ADHD. Sure it can be drugged out of you, but it’s not actually a problem, it’s a new…

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Indra's Grace: Everything Yoga & Spirituality

Our body goes through seasons just as nature does.  Our longest cycle is obviously birth to death.  There are, however many shorter cycles of expansion and contraction in terms of our health.  Just as nature has four seasons a year our body also moves through cycles of spring (growth), summer (abundance), fall (breakdown), and winter (death).

When a “breakdown” or illness manifests inside the body we may tend to believe this is negative and that this state is “forever.”  Thoughts of defeat and depression may appear.  This is a time to put your spiritual awareness into high gear!!  Use heightened awareness to work your way through life challenges.  I love the quote below.  It always brings me peace and reminds me that there is a reason for everything even if I don’t see it.  There is a hidden blessing even in our suffering.

“Your joy is divine, and so is…

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Your anticipation and desire are important tools. – Michael channeled by Ron Head

ImageIt is my task and privilege today to address the question you have asked of the Creator of All That Is.  It is a very important topic indeed.  And although it could be answered in a very short sentence, we will give it the attention it deserves.

You have asked to know what is going on today in the Reality, and not in the illusory world of arrests, banking, fear stories, and so forth.  There is, of course, one main objective to all that is happening, but we will not give your sincere question such short shrift.  Neither is there space in a daily message such as this to even begin to explain all that is occurring, for there is nothing in your universe which is not being affected by this thing you term Ascension.

We could say that even the atoms, and indeed particles, in your universe are being changed.  But the reality is that the energies of which these consist in themselves are changing.  Which is why we have said that nothing will be the same.  When we say that nothing will be the same after this, we mean that there is no thing which will not have undergone fundamental change.  And since everything is derived from this energy, this frequency, this love, of the All, it will be forever and completely changed from what it has been.  Add to this that your manner and ability to perceive your world will also have changed completely.

Many, if not most, of you are in anticipation of an Event.  There will indeed be an Event.  Many, if not most, of you are primed for a huge and disruptive change in your outside world.  And this may indeed occur, although we intend for that to be the least disruptive possible.  But the real Event that is approaching, the one that will change everything forever, will not be anything of that nature.  The real Event will be the reaching, by you, of the level of consciousness that will see the final lifting of the veil separating the worlds.

You anticipate this, we know.  But you can only imagine it using the tools in your current state of consciousness.  These are inadequate to the task.  But we continue to describe it to you because your anticipation and desire are important tools, as well.  Everything in your world is a creation of human thought and endeavor.  But now the human who thinks and endeavors is going to fundamentally change.

Truly you are going to drop the masks you have assumed in order to play this game once and for all.  Try as we may, we cannot truly describe to you what that will be like.  But we can assure you that you have never, on this planet, experienced the life of joy that will be yours.  That day approaches now with increasing speed.  Please continue to use daily all the tools you have learned to employ.  Imagination, dreams, intentions, prayer, and meditation are all important.  You are soon to see the power of these things demonstrated in full.  Live, as much as possible for you, each day in your best image of what that shall be like.  Share that vision with the world, at least in your imagination.  And know, dear ones, that infinite numbers of us are adding our efforts to yours in every moment.

We send to each of you who are reading these words our love and friendship.  Be at peace until we speak again.  Good day.

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