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May 27, 2012

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thank you for this wonderful piece of light on ways to be more natural and healthy. namaste. 🙂


Abundant research has shown a child will benefit from eating adequate protein. The typical American diet consists of mostly processed foods, white flour, dairy and sugars. A child’s digestive system is delicate.

I have done academic work in environmental sciences and worked with families and children. I know that aroma extracts and aroma components can create positive changes for many ailments.

 Take baths with Lavender oil. Never put any oils inside the ear. Use a cotton ball or place your hand on the outside of the ears and hold. Viruses can cause breathing difficulties. Thyme oil is used to aid in ailments. Both lavender and thyme are cleansing. Thyme is also cleansing as a mouthwash and all over rub.

Behavior problems are very upsetting to any family or relationship. Do what feels comfortable.

My last piece of daily advice is to STOP using air fresheners. The pleasant smell is a

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