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May 27, 2012

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another wonderful social commentary that I couldn’t really put better myself. namaste.


I believe that men and women are depicted differently and unfairly in the media. According to Marilyn Manson, ads keep people afraid so they will consume. This is absolutely true. Ads tell women if they don’t wear makeup, then they won’t be beautiful or sexy. Ads tell men that if they don’t drink a certain alcohol brand, then they aren’t a “real man.” When I hear that a man must not be a “real man,” then he must be nothing. This almost dehumanizes any man that doesn’t drink that alcoholic brand. This also basically tells the audience that he must be more like a woman because he’s not a “real man.” Ads do the same thing to women. For example, ads tell women that if they don’t shave their legs and armpits, then they will look like a man and won’t be seen as attractive. These messages tell audiences that…

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