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Be your own angels. – Michael channeled by Ron Head May 26, 2012

ImageWe are pleased this morning to discuss with you the topic of kindness.  Every soul who has been drawn to these messages is quite familiar with and capable of kindness.  It has taken you many lifetimes to learn this thing.  You have lived through experiences of great pain at the hands of others.  You have yourselves had to learn by hard experience the consequence of disregarding the feelings of others.

Many, many times you have reviewed life experiences and experienced your own actions and words from the viewpoint of all those affected.  You have painfully forged selves that have sworn to consider always the feelings of those around you at all times.  You have come here at this time to accomplish what no one has ever tried to do before.  In order to do this, you will need the combined efforts of every soul around you.

It is not important for you to teach them.  It is not important for you to lead them.  It is important for you to demonstrate their worth to you in order for them to begin seeing their true worth for themselves.  What they have hidden from themselves, find and show to them.  Be kind above all things.  Learn to feel the effects of your words and actions before you loose them.  Learn to support, applaud, cheer, and comfort.  Do you need examples to follow?  Read again the countless messages from other dimensions and worlds that you receive daily.  Be your own angels, if you will.

Are you a healer?  Be kind.  Are you a teacher?  Be kind.  Caregiver?  Be kind.  There is no path in life which does not offer the opportunity to be kind to another.  We would borrow from one of your healing schools.  Just for today, be kind.  One of your greatest living teachers has said, “My religion is kindness.”

For those so inclined, we ask you to look deeply and find the answer to this question, “What is the color of kindness?”  Simply look long and deeply at this and we promise you it will change both you and the world in which you live.  We also see a time coming shortly in which kindness and sharing will become very necessary to all of you.  Join hands at this time and step into your new world in joy and friendship.

Peace and love be yours until tomorrow when we speak again.

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